Fastest way to emulate TvC on PC. PLEASE READ BEFORE CLOSING!

I OWN a copy of Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Wii. I can play on the Wii, but I don’t have a nice stick for the Wii. I DO, however have a nice stick for Xbox 360. Of course my Xbox 360 stick works for my pc. So, I dled the latest version of Dolphin, popped in my copy of TvC and it works PRETTY well. About 50 avg fps. Is there any tweaks that may make this game specifically run faster? Maybe an older version of Dolphin that will run it faster? Here’s my specs…

AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core 2.5 GHz
4 gigs of ram Radeon HD 5400
Win XP sp3

Also, I do have the AMD dual core optimizer installed.

Thanks for the help!

Get Windows 7. :rolleyes:

enlighten me. why would that work?

By using an x64 version of Windows 7, it can utilize the hardware better than x86. Not sure about this but I think x86 works better with the less powerful PCs. I’d say your computer specs can fit in the region where it will work better with x64.

Windows XP SP3 is a 32 bit operating system. With a CPU that powerful, you’re windows XP is holding it’s full potential back. It’s using 1 core instead of all 4. Windows 7, as long as you install the 64 bit version will use all 4 cores. You may/may not get better performance because it could be A: your OS holding back your CPU, or B: It’s just how well dolphin really emulates it and it wont do any better.

I’d still upgrade just because you’ll get better performance in PC gaming, software load times, etc.

You have 4GB of system RAM, not to mention the RAM on the video card. A 32-bit operating system (an x86 OS) can only utilize about 3.25GB of total RAM (system & graphics RAM combined). Windows 7 64-bit (an x64 OS) will utilize all the RAM your system has available (system & graphics), and if you get the PRO or Ultimate versions of Windows 7 64-bit, you can theoretically utilize up to 128GB of RAM. This is usually reserved for server specific motherboards that have the necessary slots to accommodate it. :clown:

ATI 5400 is a weak card. For a good mid range card, get the 6870 ($250). I got mine and I love it. If you have the cash, get a 5970, or wait for the 6990. ($500 probably)

All you guys are wrong on the amount of processors and memory Windows XP can support.

Processor and memory capabilities of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and of the x64-based versions of Windows Server 2003

It can handle his processor and memory, though Windows 7 has been proven to perform slightly better on the same hardware than XP due to it’s better management of resources. Not by much though.

For Dolphin (the emulator I’m pretty sure you’re using), take a look in their forums and I’m sure you’d find the settings for best performance.

That is the 64-bit version of XP. I doubt the OP has that version. Or, maybe I’m wrong. Won’t be the first time! :wgrin:

Yep. Bust out facts about the 64 bit version when WE WERE ALL TALIKING ABOUT 32-bit version.

There’s a difference. And XP 64-bit support is ewww.

He has 32bit. Windows XP 64 never got a SP3.

Windows XP never had native dual/quad core support and even with the fix in SP3 (which makes the AMD Dual Core optimization fix redundant) it still isn’t optimized as much as using a modern OS with good multi-core support.

Yes 32bit can use 4GB of ram if you’re using /PAE, it still can’t allocate more than 4GB per program.

Your GPU is on the weak side, something like a GTX 460 (there’s a nice one for 160 right now/450 or 5770 should suffice if you’re not serious about performance in PC games.

Also you should probably look into overclocking your CPU if you want better performance in emulators and better performance in general.

5770 is a good card, I just upgraded from a sapphire 5770 to a sapphire 6870. It’s bassically two 5770’s in crossfire, but that power, plus more in one card. 6870 can rape the 460GT in many tests and games, but the 460 has one up in other areas. Both cards are good, bu tthe 6870 will out preform in the end. The 470 is another story, that’ll top both.

For me though, I’ll stick with ATI.

Actually changing OS won’t help to run dolphin even stable you need atleast 2.8ghz, To run better end franchise games like Donkey Kong Country Returns you need 3.5/3.4/3.2ghz to even reach 60FPS, Better way to emulate is to get a better processor.

Your video-card doesn’t matter as much with dolphin it’s mostly your processor and ram.
If you have a shitty processor you won’t be able to run dolphin stable.

His operating system, Has nothing to do with how well dolphin is running.

I was using win7 and vista with 2GB with 3.2GHZ and got almost every-game
to run to 60-70fps 100% Speed on dolphin. When i overclocked to 3.4ghz

I was running everything perfect, Some minor adjustments need to be made for each game
However it’s dependent on your computer’s processor and graphics-card.

If you have a good processor you need to turn these options on/off etc:

  1. Configurations

  1. Plugins, I use Direct 3D9, Shouldn’t matter which you use settings should
    be similar, Some games require lighting and fog some don’t adjust those two
    In advanced to see fit for the game you are playing.

  1. Sound, Audio throttle and DTK Sound won’t be needed for most games.
    DTK Might be needed for some but very few that, I am aware.

  1. Finished Product!, Yes i do own mario for the wii, and I don’t agree with piracy.

Uhm, no. You see there where it says Microsoft Windows XP Professional and then it says Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition? The one without the x64 is the 32 bit version. It’s a table comparing the 2.

Either way, start with the performance settings from their wiki.

Also some games work better with different revisions of Dolphin, make sure you’re running the one that they say performs best with TvC. Here’s their suggested settings for best performance.

It’s irrelevant, OP has 32bit.

Are you reading what I’m saying? That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s irrelevant that the the user has 32bit. Your guys suggestions to upgrade to a 64 bit wouldn’t help.

cammy-white and myself are right.

I can do a proof of concept, I got dolphin running mario on a 2.6ghz pent4, I can overclock to 2.9ghz with 2GB of ram and get it running with onboard video, with 60FPS 100% Speed, I set it up for my nephew, But i can use it as a proof of concept. This is the second time, I have caught some of these users having no idea what they’re talking about because they’ve never actually experimented with the program AOB, Included. Emulation works completely different then a game running off your internal hardware. Upgrading his video card won’t fix his frame-rate issues because it has nothing to do with the video-card. Because, I have a HD6870, In my secondary PC, Did nothing for my frame-rate issues with dolphin it was all about the processor. Emulations processes more things at once then lets say an actual console because it’s emulating other things that are in the console. I have TvC, The settings are the same as Mario’s, That’s why i used Mario as an example if you were wondering. The disk was just sitting closer.

I do run 32 bit xp. I think Cammy’s prolly right, but this guys has similar specs and runs it better than me…


Try messing with some of those settings digital!, Try different revisions etc, You will get it going trust me, Ive got it going on less!

As sad as it is, I got better performance in Dolphin with an older AMD 6000+ processor dual core than I do now with my AMD 955. STill doesn’t help with the graphical errors in the game though but at least it was playable nearly full speed (except for supers start up animations), now its consistently 45-50fps.

That said I just ordered some new parts (mobo, cpu, ram) so I’ll see how that works when the new toys come in lol.