Fastest way to get 8000 points for events and tournaments?

This is an important issue as many events use consoles w/o developed mvc3 saves in them which means you’ll need to do some work to unlock the 4 characters.
Taskmaster is the last to unlock at 8000 points, so we should find the fastest way to get 8000 points.
Arcade mode gives you about 2000 per run but maybe grinding vs mode with a heavy hitter team and a fragile team, lowest vitality/highest damage and rematch rematch rematch could be faster?
I’ll give this a test when I get home in the evening.

Memory unit.

Did the ol’ MvC2 Training mode thing. Buddy and I turned on training mode and let it sit. Went to the bar for about two hours. Came back to around 7300 points iirc.

This… but… Arcade mode, Very easy, highest damage is really fast for clearing through it.

takes about 3 minutes a run through lol, easiest way

“Very easy” would be “I’ll just stand here and let you combo me”, right? Even Galactus goes down quickly?

^ pretty much. galactus doesn’t seem like he has as much health either

Pretty sure all characters would be unlocked in tournaments for the players and you only bring your controller, if not oh well.