Fat asian baby (3 years old, 132 lbs)


I can say that because I’m asian.

Lu Hao: Chinese toddler, 3, weighs a staggering 132lbs and he’s still growing | Mail Online

Give this kid some Bak Choi.


I always thought you looked like Dudley.



That first picture is fucking hilarious.


How does…

… how does he see?


…Can he even see?


That kid looks like he’s going to explode in half of those pics


For some reason, the first picture makes the kid look like a sheep dog:

Must be the eyes or something…


that kid almost outweighs me. :rofl: @ the mario shirt. We’ll see him on SRK before long.



I’m sorry but these pictures are way too funny lmao:rofl:


‘We have to let him be as if we don’t feed him he will cry non-stop’.

That’s your problem right there. Let him cry, stop spoiling your kids yo.

On the plus side, that baby’s gonna end up with the World Record for Youngest Person To Die Of A Heart Attack.


you can make a hundred sandwhiches out that dude.


I see him being the youngest sumo wrestler. gotta get him to exercise and its all good.


jabba is that you?


C’mon, really…this kid is going to have a real hard life ahead of him.


Poor kid is on the fast track to diabetes and heart disease.


I just don’t know how to respond to this…


I like how they said they’re worried he might get bullied later. Nigga outweighs his TEACHERS! Get bullied? He’ll BE the bully! He’s gonna be the first person to ever bull fight a bull bare-handed and the BULL will be like “damn. I think I’m outta my weight class!” Yeah, he’ll be on some medical special in the near future. I’d put money on it.



I think your avatar does the job just fine. :wtf:


…And yet, the look on the Rock’s face in your av is almost an exact mirror of my own when I saw the pics. :rofl:



damn he’s straight up stylin’. i cant even afford Bape!