Fat Fighter Fan art

Exactly what it sounds like. A place to post art of fat fighters and fighting game characters as well as discuss the idea of Fat characters in Skull Girls, Fat versions of SkullGirls and the weird fan art meme that came out of it.

This became a problem over on the Skull Girls forum due to my silly fan art parodying Whiteboard drawings by the development team

I don’t want to encourage this, but its gotten so big that I think it deserves a thread for people to talk about it without ruining the General Discussion thread.

Here is some fan art by me

The heroine Filia

Parasoul and Valentine running for all they’re worth.

some by my friend Keiji Ino

What do you think of this, find it gross, disturbing, cool, funny, hot? Feel free to discuss openly here. I for one do enjoy this kinda thing but I admit its pretty weird.

I can post art relating to other games (regular and non fat) depending on where the conversation goes, but right now its mostly just discuss fat skull girls meme and my art that I made for it. I’m honestly saddened by any derailment of threads because of my art since I am a huge fan of the scene and this game. But I think its become too big to ignore now.

my friend K-R drew this one. Finally Ms. Fortune is not too hot anymore.



I can’t tell if you’re a troll or not. But hi there Mystic Ray. Fat Squiggly will come here when she’s all done. I’ve actually wanted to see a genuine fat girl in a fighting game of any kind. Oh I should restate that, fat, attractive and in a good game. I guess that’s asking for a lot, especially from Japan. But a man can dream.

Lol i’m definitely not a troll! also hooray XD!
Anyway, I’m pretty sure there is a fatty in a fighting game but I forgot her name. She was really manly though lol.
Also you gotta remember Japan is totally skewed with body proportions. They think every girl weighs under 110 XD

Well yea, thats one thing I like about the weights of the girls in SkullGirls they are more or less believable. But yea, like I said I’d like to see attractive takes on big girls, there are a few examples in gaming, but its not much. Basically I’d like to see a female equivalent to Bob in Tekken, or if say that Sumo girl in KOF was at least a bit chubby. Athena in KOF13 is very close to my heart though, and now Filia.

Well someday! Who knows maybe you’re wish will come true XD

These are cute! Can you post media? Like what program and such and maybe a ballpark time it took or what kind of tablet you use if you use one.

Sure I’ll use the Parasoul and Valentine (treadmill) pic as my example. I did everything using Adobe Photoshop CS3 with my Wacom intuos 4 computer tablet (there are lesser tablets that can get the job done I hear). Technically the pose for this sketch was drawn by hand on paper, but that part gets erased so it doesn’t really matter. Time I’d say I started it like on a tuesday at 2:00PM and finished it at like 7:50. So basically 6 hours from start to finish.

My friends all use similar tools, either Adobe Photoshop CS2,CS3,CS4 or Paint tool sai in the case of Ms fortune sketch.

Glad you like the art too by the way.

Can’t wait to see Squiggly up here XD

I hate you and everybody like you.

These are hilarious to me.

I used to troll with henaki by posting fat fan art in fan art threads

you’ve done the work for me.

thank you

That’s the spirit. I’ll post another pic, Shoryuken related I guess:

I call this last one “rule 360” It’s Remy, as a BBW (big beautiful woman)

Last but not least, my friends hilarious Darkstalkers 4 request pic:



I’m glad some of you have a sense of humor about this though, I do it too much. One time I saw a fat blue mary cosplayer… dat gut was heavenly, sadly I didn’t snag the cuties photo, so I seem to draw Blue mary a lot. complete with 8 step program to becoming an American Dream ideal woman.









follow these short steps to success ladies ^__-

awesome, make a gif or come to my house and scroll the page for me

I…can’t stop…staring…

Ha ha, success. Hmm, I’ve mad a gif before I should make some more.

You guys rock