Fat Fighter Fan art


Lol sorry have we met before? I don’t recognize your XBL.


Oh maybe I mistook you for someone else. My bad, nice to meet you anyway.

http://speedking.deviantart.com looks familiar.


I have to admit, you’re good at what you aiming for. I’ve seen a lot of artists just do monstrously big boobs/butts and fail hard. All of your works make sense. Kudos!


Love it! Anatomy is a hard thing to pull off, and to exaggerate while still making it look natural is even harder. I haven’t seen anybody else attempt what you’ve tried to do (fernando botero?) but you make it work Though it can get a little creepy when looking at for too long, there is no questioning the level of skill involved here. Even with the exaggerations, the essence character is very visible and add alot of personality to each. Major props for pulling this off, as well as keeping it fresh in trying to do something different.







Here’s some new art from me, the sexy Poison (one of my favorite Capcom girls period) looking GOOD at every size. :wink:

My Tumblr: http://theamericandream1.tumblr.com/


With Dead Or Alive 5 on the way, Tina Armstrong in her DOA 1 costume for great justice. What a knockout she is.


http://fatline.tumblr.com/< reblog is love. :slight_smile: Minettes like the cutest NPC in a fighter to me.
Go Skullgirls, its so sick.


lol I’m love with this.

Keep up.


But there is a real fat female fighter out there!



Damn, she’s a bit old for my tastes, but she’s pretty nice looking all things considered. Dreamcast always had nice textures, it conveys the fat rolls really well. Thanks for giving me the heads up. We need more of this in fighters.


I love you, your art’s coloring, and how you can somehow make me enjoy fat women

never change


:slight_smile: Well glad you like it. Big girls rock, I won’t ever stop drawing what I draw.


huff Take the God Damn Order! I want a double Quarter Pounder with large fries!- Parabooty
Haven’t posted in forever, figure I’ll revive this thread.

“How Deep Can She Eat? Scoops Deep.”-Jolyne

And a pretty cute one by my buddy Metalforever:


These pictures are awesome!

I have a couple of questions, though.

  1. Do you think that you’ll ever finish that one Parasoul picture?
  2. Will you ever make more Skullgirls related pics?
  3. What happened to that Squigly pic that you were going to draw?


“that one Parasoul pic” how cryptic. I can’t recall…it was probably just a random doodle though (so no?) I have plans for more Skullgirls fat art though, I want to do something that includes all the ladies of SG. Which is sorta ambitious, PainWheel and Double (monster form) included.

  1. I was talking about that one sketch of Parasoul that wasn’t colored.
  2. That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see those pictures!


Just made a new one. Sort of a series of “Marvel vs Capcom what ifs” An idea i had just to mix and match various MvC universe gals together.


You’ve gotten cleaner in your art! Nice MvC piece


Heheh, been forever since I posted on Shoryuken but I’m pretty hype for Street Fighter 5 and all its new characters. I find this new batch of newcomers just more to my personal liking on a visual/character level

Laura Matsuda is no exception, the first sketch I actually drew around the time those first few leaks were coming out, so pretty sure I was first on the fan wagon train.

Little did I know she was Sean’s “big sister” and now the canonically heaviest character in Street Fighter (outdoing even R.Mika whom most of my ilk have co-opted for fat art.) who loves eating lots of meat dishes. swoon so yea I dig this chick!

I also drew some R.Mika pigging out since apparently her favorite thing is gluttony? These street fighter devs really seem to like thick chicks with an appetite. I can dig it, and just take it one step further, even further BEYOND!

Also here is some DOA love, love me some Tina Armstrong

Also does Smash count as a fighting game around here? I’ll leave this here anyway


Can’t have you hogging this thread all to yourself, so I’ll post some of my own garbage art.