Fat girls are the scum of the Earth


Inspired by a recent episode of Maury, in which Maury goes all-out on a bunch of stupid fat bitches who got impregnated by the same idiot. One was currently pregnant with his second child for 4 weeks, and jumping up and down while hollering like an injured whale, as if proud that some man, and man, would insert his desperate member into her verjeen not once, but an astounding twice.

Fat girls are the scum of the Earth.*

No other creature is capable of supplying even a fraction of the malice and discontent that fat girls can. Not one. Sometimes you get to know a fat girl and you think “hey, she seems nice, and pretty normal, too.”, and then as soon as your guard is down, BAM. Bitch mode activate. Why are all fat girls bitches?

My favorite movie of 2009 was Precious. No, not for the decent acting, or the excellent portrayal of ghetto desperation, but for the fact that that fat cow got her shit beat out every 5 minutes. Back in the 90s, girls who looked like Precious used to beat me up all the time, just because I didn’t want anything to do with them, or give them my amazing hostess fruit pies. Seeing what happens to them at home was almost enough to make shitting in their cubbies and blaming it on them worthwhile.

I noticed something else when I was watching that movie. You remember that cokeheaded neighbor kid who was going through the exact same thing as Precious, and always tried to be her friend, even though Precious always mistreated her? That was the perfect portrayal of fat bitches. Think about it. The only reason she kept her GED program friends around was because they kept on heaping praise on her plate. Same with the teachers, and that nurse. Anyone who approaches her in any other way, even neutrally, like Mariah Carey’s character, was either shot down, ignored, or attacked. Why? Because Precious was a self-centered fat bitch, that’s why. In her world, and in the world of all fat women, she’s the only person that matters. These whores think that just because they have their own gravity well, the world revolves around them.

Feminazis, Prius-drivers, and tree huggers say that fat girls are jerks because “society” is so hard on fat girls, but that obviously isn’t true. If society hated them so much, why would they get so much food to eat? My theory is that fat girls are just naturally evil. They learn to quickly eat up food at a young age, so their parents and family cannot have any of it. They also feel entitled to the food, which is why they don’t feel bad stuffing their faces while people starve all over the world. Anyone who has ever spent a day with a fat woman knows this.

Hell, I’m pretty sure every human tragedy of the past millennium can be blamed on a fat woman. How many people died because Molly Brown felt obligated to take up so many seats on that lifeboat? What sort of glorious idealistic society would we live in if fat women hadn’t taken over the feminist movement, and replaced ideals of self-improvement into a “get money from your man and do nothing around the house” nightmare? Heck, you see those 9/11 “jumpers”? It’s widely believed that most of those people were actually pushed out by panicking fat women. It gets real, folks.

*Fat girls, not chubby girls. Chubby girls are just fine.


As a fat girl lover, I really disapprove of this thread. :tdown:


Maybe a big girl broke his heart.


Fatgirls are scum of the earth? Sounds like umad.

On a serious note, People are allowed to live how they want to live, If they like to eat and a guy likes them even though they eat its there decision this does not make them ‘‘scum’’, Personally saying that i think you’re an idiot instantly but then again you could say I am judgmental you are a self centered asshole who isn’t open minded and only looks from things from his point of view and never anyone elses you either have down’s syndrome or are fat yourself and are ripping on fatgirls because they aren’t to your sexual preferance one of those reasons either way, Also fatgirls are bitches? No no sir you’re saying only fat-girls are bitches skinny-girls are bitches too its not about the weight its about the person ive dated alot of skinny girls who were BITCHES and know some fat girls who are cool people you’re just pissed off because of your experience with fat women you aren’t speaking off of everyones view and facts. My point being is if your gonna make an argument make it rational.

In other words, gtfo. :smokin:


This should have read like this: Healthy girls, not [fat, chubby, voluptuous*, etc.].

*GTFO now


Well, this is actually common in nature. If you read up about the habits of the chihuahua, in nature, the dog is quiet, humble and generally unnoticeable. This is because when dogs travel in packs, chihuahuas, because of their tiny size, never get the chance to become the alpha dog. So when chihuahuas are owned by a human, and are treated well, they end up with an inflated sense of power, and suddenly act aggressive and annoying.

I don’t think it’d be crazy to apply this thought process to fat girls.


Don’t give your heart to a fat girl. She’ll only eat it.


I do, because its completely unlogical to apply ‘‘DOG’’ habits and common nature of dogs to humans.
Also to use insults instead of actually debating means you have no real argument here, You just wanna rip on fat-girls.


I just thought it was ironic that I clicked on this thread while a BBW scene is running in the background.


LOL yeah homie is clearly mad


Did you really think this thread was started for an actual debate on how weight affects behavior?


Well that would just be unlogical.


You can always dream someone will post something great once in a while, But that’s why its only a dream.


u got baited, son. lol troll thread at its finest.

and yeah, fat girls are the scum of the Earth! :tdown:


Baited into what? If you say fat-girls are scum then you deserve to be called out on your stupidity.


contact websters…I think we have discovered a new dictionary entry.


Did anyone else think Precious looked like Biggie and expected her to bust out some rhymes and for P Diddy to show up and shit?


fat women are scum of the earth, and for the exact reason that chihuahua’s act the way they do.because of “the media” they are a small person inside, which doesnt match the large person on the outside. once you start feeding them compliments they will not let it stop until they have ruined everyone’s lives around them and have ballooned into something unimaginably large. their ego will be out of control because everyone caters to them since they are a cow and everyone feels sorry for them. before you know it bitch is having hour long convos on the phone with your mom about what an asshole you are.



One broke my bed :frowning:


This thread is amazing.