"FAT MAN'/GOODBYE pre-buy. 5 spots left


Hey, SRK.

I’m ready to start the pre-buy for the first of my t-shirt lines- the ‘FAT MAN’/Space Opera Symphony T-shirt.


There’s my cheesey little mockup. I’d probably move the picture slightly lower on the final product, but that’s the basic idea. They’d either be printed on Glidan Ultra Cotton Ts/Hane Beefy Ts.

Any adult size is available. I’ll post up a paypal link as soon as I’m sure there’s enough interest.

Basic pricing is 17.99+Shipping, I aimed for affordability, so I lost some nice perks like having my name sewn on the tag. There’s always next time, eh?

edit: Oh, might be like a dollar or two extra for more than 2X, but we’ll see on how the prices come out.

I was basically kind of saddened by the bland SF t-shirts out there, so the basic idea is a budget, yet quality t-shirt that doesn’t scream “I PLAY VIDEO GAMES.” yet would be identifiable by people who actually play. I feel that most t-shirts on the market fail to deliver on this, so I aimed for simplicity and identifiably.

Works just like any other pre-buy. Once I’m sure there’s enough interest to make buying these not send me into the red (economy sucks) I’ll put up a paypal link, where you give me your shipping information. I have the shirts printed (takes me about 2-4 weeks to get my hands on them after I pay.) and ship them out the day I get them. Any extras I’ll sell after the fact.

I hope there’s enough interest for this to work. I want to see some people pimping the Rufus Nuke.

Not sure about shipping outside of NA quite yet, as I’m aiming to use USPS flat rate stuff. But we’ll see, maybe I can make special exceptions, but Canada/Mexico I can def do, for slightly more of course.

Basic format I’d like to keep (for my documentation) is…

SRK Tag:
Location/Zip Code:

Anyway, let’s go~


**Prebuy List

  1. SRK Tag: shoo
    Size: L
    Zipcode: 90242

  2. SRK Tag: mastermind
    Size: L/XL
    Zip: 98310

  3. SRK Tag: Missing Person
    Size: M
    Zip: 62946

  4. SRK Tag: DaRabidDuckie
    Size: L
    Zip: 38655

  5. SRK Tag: SaikyoBeast
    Size: S
    Zip: 92833

  6. SRK Tag: Mr.hitBOX
    Size: 2XL
    Zip: 01844

  7. SRK Tag: ButteroJ
    Size: XL/XXL
    Zip: 06074

  8. SRK Tag: Chrisz0r
    Size: S
    Location/Zip Code: 96797

  9. SRK Tag: DJMasters
    Size: Large
    Zip Code: 92114

  10. SRK Tag: Truckasaurus
    Size: XL
    Location/Zip Code: 91789

  11. SRK Tag: Wil
    Size: XXL
    Location/Zip Code: 96797

  12. SRK Tag: Rampage
    Size: XL
    Location/Zip Code: Grand Cayman

  13. SRK Tag: danthedominatorer
    Size: XL
    Location/Zip Code: Santa Rosa, CA. 95407

  14. SRK Tag: Freakin_Lu
    Size: 2XL
    Location/Zip Code: 85705

5 more until payment step.


SRK Tag: mastermind
Size: L (not sure about shrinkage, though. If these are preshrunk, then L. If not, XL)
Zip: 98310


very nicely done sir. mad props.


Thanks. Drawing an effective mushroom cloud without it looking super phallic/inappropriate is really hard.


SRK Tag: Missing Person
Size: M
Zip: 62946


Do you also ship to Canada? Cause we have different zip codes. I wants a shirt (Interested, not gonna buy atm, broke :/) I’ll buy one when I have the money!


Well, you don’t have to buy it right now if you put your name/size/zip down… and uhh, I think you should read the bricks of text. Past a certain point it’s not bitching about aesthetics and kind of important~


Ninja edits >_> Alright then! That shirt is kickass mang


Nah, the only ninja edit is the pricing part.


Oh man, sign me up! I’ll still get it on white, but is there any chance of red or blue?

SRK Tag: DaRabidDuckie
Size: L
Zip: 38655


Other colors may happen down the line if the first run is successful enough. I’ve got more t-shirt designs in store for you peeps though.


Very sexy, raeli. Good luck on sales. Make that money.


SRK Tag: SaikyoBeast
Size: S
Zip: 92833


Make me an el fuerte one where he’s holding up the pan and I’ll throw you some cash :smiley:


I actually had a Fuerte one in mind for later. Much later.


SRK Tag:Mr.hitBOX




I’m not quite sure a lot of people will get the double entendre, but its still a great shirt design.


wow, raeli.

you’re the lil’ brother I never knew I had, lol.

Suggestion: Rufus Vector is off center compared to the “mushroom”. You might want to move the vector over a bit to the right.