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[LEFT]Full Roster

Last Updated 9/14/09

[details=Spoiler]Total: 112 Players.

EC: 52 - ViciousSLASH, Gain, Daddyneptune, Otoko Mitchi, KimuraLOX, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, Dr Wilhelm, MechZZ, DS, Halvie, Shusty, HaunterV, Arkayne, spideyman, ellesd, crimzonflame, Effull Bao, Hi-Tekk, Heat128, Yeah Dood 120%, Merkilo, yimaxi, Phoenix Azure, Brit-Brit, ridedc, originaldarkito, Perfect_Sin, SnideReminder, KomboKaze, Kryptoniteboots, vannuge, BlackShinobi, JiBbo, p_r0phet, Lt_Col_Sanders, Hisham, RushedDown, berserkotaku45, Surllio, WaInut, SonGohanX, YellowS4, Calcal, Sean’s Apprentice, AzNsquirrelX, JDragonX, DBC, CoosCoos, Sonicabid, Brooklyn, orochi1017, launch619

WC: 43 - Dentron, NegroNinja, Drizzt360, Mystic, 3rd Strike, Tajiri, Evil, FullMetalRoss, ninja_velmor, AzN_Skater, huynhs87, Superking, Killey, MinhHoang, Zugi, B_IzM, jav_, SRKev, zeitgeist, rinoH7, sait0u, bobino, tanabe, krazykraka, TheEnd187, yipini, Thecasualty, eltwopee, Nagoo81, Lpk32187, KaoriManabe, Ducrocks, luckyazn, fobi0, Papa Trunks, Pertho, neondragon, Thabounce33, Torn Apart, KidZero, TingBoy, Frank Ae, OmNiExiZt

C: 17 - Keits, Clearn Sky, ultra_nyo, sycho-d, SIMPLY_HUGO, JustB, jim_kim, kliquey, Rokusho, Kaal, J-Money, enzo, AKA, ATAndTruong, Steve.D, LuckyStar, jackofarcades

[c] Indicates a Team Captain.
[h] Indicates a player capable of hosting a full game.

Region | SRK Handle ~ PSN ID

EC | [c]ellesd ~ Daltroido
EC | [h]Brit-Brit ~ Special-Ness
EC | [h]Perfect_Sin ~ perfectsin11
EC | [h]launch619 ~ Launch619
EC | ViciousSLASH ~ CountGreatula
EC | Gain ~ karunaoxoagape
EC | Daddyneptune ~ daddyneptune
EC | Otoko Mitchi ~ Trillin
EC | KimuraLOX ~ KimuraLOX
EC | Shinkuu Tatsumaki ~ Xstars
EC | Dr Wilhelm ~ Aerofunknamics
EC | MechZZ ~ MechZZ
EC | DS ~ Awesome_McCool
EC | Halvie ~ Troyasaurus
EC | Shusty ~ Shusty
EC | HaunterV ~ HaunterV
EC | Arkayne ~ TheArkayne
EC | spideyman ~ MokuJoN
EC | crimzonflame ~ kiplingfinch
EC | Effull Bao ~ effullbao
EC | Hi-Tekk ~ Hi-Tek_Saint
EC | Heat128 ~ Heat128
EC | Yeah Dood 120% ~ YeahDood
EC | Merkilo ~ Merkilo
EC | yimaxi ~ yimaxi
EC | Phoenix Azure ~ PhoenixAzure
EC | Darko ~ originaldarkito
EC | ridedc ~ ridedc
EC | SnideReminder ~ SnideReminder
EC | KomboKaze ~ KomboKaze
EC | Kryptoniteboots ~ Kryptoniteboots
EC | vannuge ~ vannuge
EC | BlackShinobi ~ BlackShinobi13
EC | JiBbo ~ FatPhilosopher
EC | p_r0phet ~ AttemptedMurder
EC | Lt_Col_Sanders ~ Lt_Col_Sanders
EC | Hisham ~ Trigga-Nometry
EC | RushedDown ~ RushedSRK
EC | berserkotaku45 ~ kyo45
EC | Surllio ~ Surllio
EC | WaInut ~ immortalsquishy
EC | SonGohanX ~ BanyaSGX
EC | YellowS4 ~ resonating
EC | Calcal ~ SRKcalcal
EC | Sean’s Apprentice ~ FujiwaraDashing
EC | AzNsquirrelX ~ AzNsquirrelX
EC | JDragonX ~ JDragonX
EC | DBC ~ DaBatCave
EC | CoosCoos ~ Coos1
EC | Sonicabid ~ Sonicabid
EC | Brooklyn ~ strickly_biznez
EC | orochi1017 ~ DaiAndOh
WC | [c]OmNiExiZt ~ OmNiExiZt
WC | [c]ellesd ~ SRKakeEater
WC | [h]neondragon ~ comb_ova_killa
WC | [h]TheEnd187 ~ TheEnd187
WC | Dentron ~ Vincent_Cassel
WC | NegroNinja ~ Haxmurderer
WC | Drizzt360 ~ Drizzt519
WC | Mystic ~ Mysticbash
WC | 3rd Strike ~ CharREX
WC | Tajiri ~ Taziri
WC | Evil ~ Evileet
WC | FullMetalRoss ~ FMRoss
WC | ninja_velmor ~ Roku78
WC | AzN_Skater ~ xopmx
WC | huynhs87 ~ DankasaurusRex
WC | Superking ~ SuperkingGCNET
WC | Killey ~ Killeykun
WC | MinhHoang ~ MinhHoang
WC | Zugi ~ Zugi-1
WC | B_IzM ~ B-IzM
WC | jav_ ~ Jaavv
WC | SRKev ~ Shinryu22
WC | zeitgeist ~ zgeist
WC | rinoH7 ~ rinoH7
WC | sait0u ~ sait0uski
WC | bobino ~ BobiNo_
WC | tanabe - hairypeckpeck
WC | krazykraka ~ krazykraka
WC | yipini ~ yipini
WC | Thecasualty ~ Thecasualty
WC | eltwopee ~ L2P_SRK
WC | Nagoo81 ~ Nagoo81
WC | Lpk32187 ~ Lpk32187
WC | KaoriManabe ~ bridgetsrsly
WC | Ducrocks ~ DC_Duc
WC | luckyazn ~ luckyazn6
WC | fobi0 ~ fobi_YO
WC | Papa Trunks ~ PapaNP
WC | Pertho ~ Pertho14
WC | Thabounce33 ~ OptimusPrime33
WC | Torn Apart ~ xZEPPELIx
WC | KidZero ~ J-Nav212
WC | TingBoy ~ TingBoy626
WC | Frank Ae ~ cipherhills
C | [h]jackofarcades ~ Rammy81
C | Keits ~ KeitsSRK
C | Clearn Sky ~ ppoint432
C | ultra_nyo ~ ultra_nYo
C | sycho-d ~ Nexaro
C | JustB ~ SRK-JustB
C | SIMPLY_HUGO ~ Notaseal5
C | jim_kim ~ DudleyisKorean
C | kliquey ~ kliquey
C | Rokusho ~ GearSecond-C4
C | Kaal - KaalVeiten
C | J-Money ~ J_money_getspaid
C | enzo ~ enzosupreme
C | ATAndTruong ~ ArcticNightX
C | Steve.D ~ mugen-steve
C | LuckyStar ~ LuckyStar26

Captains and Hosts*Captains *are players that add all the members of their team to their friends list. This is an important role for two reasons:

[*]Friends list capacity is 100 people, that is less than the roster.

[*]Players only have to add a Captain to join into a scheduled game.
The ideal Captain is a player that is passionate about the game and motivated to see the Clan succeed. As an SRKer, I know being challenged to the highest degree is something you live for. Participating in a 32 player game of *Shoryuken *Princess is that level of difficulty and fun that we all enjoy so much about the fighting game genre. Currently, I am the only Captain and the WC team needs one or two players to really step up for the Clan and take this leadership role. The Central guys could use a Captain too, but since they are the minority of the roster all Captains should add them.

*Hosts *are players that can sufficiently run a 32 player game. The bare minimum upload rate for hosting a 32 player game is 1.8mbps. Having at least 2-3mbps is recommended for hosting regional specific games. If you have a faster upload rate, which scores at least 1.8mbps on a server across the country(see: Speakeasy.net) you are eligible for hosting a national game. To give you an example, here is the results for my connection:

Local test (New York City, NY)

[]Download Speed: 9167 kbps (1145.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
]Upload Speed: 3473 kbps (434.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Far test (Los Angeles, CA)
]Download Speed: 2352 kbps (294 KB/sec transfer rate)
[*]Upload Speed: 1159 kbps (144.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
As you can see I am capable of hosting an EC game. However, since I do not meet the 1.8mbps requirement, WC players would most likely be experiencing many red snails. We desperately need Hosts, so please try out the speed test for your connection and if you are good to host a regional or national game please let me know!

Players interested in becoming a Captain or Host please contact me via PM, AIM or MSN.
Matchmaking[LEFT][LEFT] There is no poll this week or next because I’ll be away from home. I’ll be returning 9/26.
We have 2 PSN chats for players to join when they want to play or to meet for arranged sessions. These chats are ‘SRK Fat Princess’ and ‘SRK Fat Princess 2’. Send a (PSN)PM to your team Captain for an invite to chat.
We are on IRC! Join us on EFnet, #srkfp
**Connection Settings
**If you are having difficulty connecting to games you probably need to forward ports and optimize some network settings. I am connected through wireless broadband and almost never fail to join a game. I created a static IP for my PS3 and changed the following settings with my router:
Port Forwarding: TCP: 80, 443, 5223 UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658
UPnP: Disabled on both PS3 and router
DMZ: Enabled
[CENTER][LEFT] If you have any questions, check out Kooper’s Tech Talk Guide.



**The starting class. These guys have the fastest movement speed but only have 2 hearts. A coordinated Villager rush is known to end games within minutes if left uncontested. However, it’s easy to spot hat-less players on the map at the start of the game and are easily countered by a Mage. The Ranger is a particularly useful class to assist the Mage defending as they can quickly dispose of them and counter a Priest that is supporting the Villagers.

To see a video of the effectiveness of Villager rushing, see: [media=youtube]STmZhumxDaw"[/media].

Black Forest[INDENT]Rush the middle island and run through the vacant doors. Grab Princess, return up the stairs and jump off the wall. Run back through middle island or platform if captured by your team. Bring the Princess through your Team’s North Outpost. The counter to this rush is to build doors as soon as possible. They can easily be completed by the time the Villager’s hit your outpost with Workers building each door together.
**The Great Gorge
**Rush below the Central Outpost, you can climb on and jump onto the platform by using the rocks underneath each bridge. I’ve found the blue team’s rock is much easier to glitch than the red’s rock but both work and are generally very simple. Proceed up the bridge and you can bypass the rock by glitch-jumping the mountain below. From here you can run her in a straight line out of the Castle if your team has a strong presence in the middle of the field. If there is a Worker assisting the Villagers you can return the Princess through by glitch-jumping near the throne onto the platform towards the C.O. This is a good option especially if your team has the Outpost. It’s possible to rush the doors since someone on the opposing team may use the initial wood resource to build the bridge to the C.O.
**Hot Sauce
**Rush the bottom lane and run past the enemy’s Outpost. You can jump across to the other platform and run right into the Princess’ dungeon. From here, you can return to the infiltration platform, with another play assisting the run you can make the jump. Another route is to quickly run through the castle and jump over the edge to run up the top lane as this is generally less contested than returning through the bottom lane.
**Deep Fried
**[LEFT]Rush the central warp and jump from the Outpost platform to a small rising platform across the lava. Grab the Princess and return her through the central warp. This one is unpractical and really difficult to execute due to the timing of the rising lava. There is a glitch by dying in the lava with the Princess will make her re spawn on your team’s platform but I am not completely sure how this works…
Coco CliffsRush the bottom C.O. and run up to the Outpost bridges. You can glitch-jump your way across but it’s very difficult. Once on the highest platform, jump up near the Siege ladder to get to the platform leading into the enemy’s castle. Grab the Princess and jump out of the castle onto the bottom platform and run her back through the middle. This one is kind of unpractical because of the difficulty of glitch-jumping the bridge, so running it with a Worker is recommended. If your team has a strong presence mid-field this one is a pretty free win.
Rocky RoadRush the middle, jumping across the C.O. platform and into the lane at the bottom of the enemy’s castle. A worker is required unless you want to punch rock for two minutes. Grab the Princess and jump out near the front door. The top path is usually the best path to bring her as this part of the map rarely sees conflict. Another suitable route and generally better assisting the run is to return to the platform below the castle and run her back through the middle.
**Sugar Cove
**Rush the bottom lane using the shore to conceal your presence from unsuspecting(really dumb) enemies. Jump into the ship and grab the Princess. From here I like to bring her through the top lane but as always it’s generally best to peak at the map to see where your allies are and your enemies are not. If the bottom lane is clear, it is definitely the best route.
**Tropical Punch
**Rush to your Team’s Outpost and use the nearest warp to go directly below their base. Here you can glitch jump onto the rock to quickly get into the Castle. Grab the Princess, go up past the Worker hat machine and to the Priest hat machine and jump back onto the rock and stay on it until you can jump down immediately into the warp. With your allies holding your Team’s Outpost this one is a very easy win.

**The Worker is the most important class in the game. Two words, resource control. If you control the resources, you control the game and it’s as simple as that. Good Workers and proper upgrading order can pin the enemy force into their castle and stuck on defense for the entire game within minutes!

We all know by now that upgrading Worker is the brain-dead obvious first upgrade. On the surface, you’d think the reason for this is because it gives the Worker a proper way to defend himself whilst working. This is accurate, however, the true advantageous purpose of this is to get the big bomb before the opposing team. The reason for this is because once the big bomb comes into play, your team can start running the bombs to the enemy team’s doors. This gives you a major advantage as you now have the opportunity to deplete 6 wood from the enemy’s resource every minute! Think about this for a minute, it only takes 1 Worker to run the bomb to the doors. A direct blast and a single charged hit(or two) will destroy a door, taking out 3 wood per door if they choose to repair it. Look at their options here, use the resources to repair the door or allow the opposing team free entrance into their base. If they choose to repair, suddenly a potential upgrade becomes impossible or the stock towards the catapult is being depleted. With both doors being destroyed per run they are instantly put at a disadvantage at the very beginning of the game. I started using this tactic a few weeks ago and personally I find it one of the funnest aspects of playing the Worker class. To think that the actions of a single person in such a group-centric video game can be so devastating is a pretty amazing accomplishment when you pull it off. I’ve attributed many of my wins to using this devious resource control tactic, and when you notice yourself pinning an entire team into their Castle with no upgrades or catapult to start an offensive, you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back. Of course the clear counter to this is to have a Mage, Warrior/Ranger(Fire enchanted from wood*), or T2 Worker stationed outside the doors to intercept the enemy bombers. Needless to say it’s pretty free to exploit as a good player can run all over a disorganized team, but with some vocal command and strategies it’s easily nullified. Catapulting of course, is another story and I recommend as the second upgrade before any other class. Think of it like this, what is better? Upgrading a class at the similar pace as the enemy(which depends on Central Outpost control) or preventing the enemy to upgrade anything while you upgrade everything?
** Priest



*** Indicates complete Theory Princess that I pulled out of my ass. If it interests you, please put it into training mode!

:tup: Cool by me daddy-o. Would it be alright if I add the player roster to the Fat Princess section PSN Player IDs/Game Directory. Maybe some more members can add their info to that thread as well… dood!

Woot new thread! This really caught on!

Thanks for the support, Guys. Yeah Dood, by all means, go for it.

I’ll be contacting hosts tonight to create a schedule poll for next week.

Gladiate Arenas are hard to beat. :sweat:

the easiest one is the priest

The disappearing princess glitch is so frustrating. I don’t want to duke it out for 45 (?) minutes and have the victor be the one with the most points. I hope they fix that right away.

I’ve been in two games where there’s been a saboteur (activating big bombs in our castle, picking up the princess that the opposing team dropped and giving it right back to her, activating the chicken potion in our base) working for the other team.

Each team should be able to boot idiots like that.

well you can boot them by reporting them and you can use the chicken potion to go to higher places from the catapult like in Black Forest you can go on the castle towers with the chicken potion

Those are my biggest complaints, I love the game. I’ve been playing it a lot recently. Don’t think I was trolling your thread. =]

I was also wondering how they got up in those towers, they were causing mayhem just raining down bombs in our castle. Next time I guess I’ll be reporting the saboteurs. Thanks for the tips.

Can you add me to the roster?

WC | Frank Ae ~ cipherhills

neondragon is available for hosting this week! I’ll try to schedule at least 2 more games by tomorrow and start the poll thread.

Frank Ae, you’re added to the roster. Titan has solved the princess glitch and will be fixed in patch 1.03. No ETA on that, unfortunately. The only solution at the moment is for the host to drop and she’ll respawn.

Love this game, but it’s frustrating sometimes, cause I play without a mic. So, I guess I should get one soon :wonder:

Can you add me to the roster as well?

C | LuckyStar ~ LuckyStar26

Just need that Gladiate Arena Trophy …

Sign me up!!!

For those of you that need headsets. If you already have one for your cellphone, it’ll work for the PS3. I have a 2 year old Motorola HS850.


When I bought this thing, it was the top of the line at the time and costed a little over $100. I found it on amazon for $50. It’s been going strong, has crystal clear sound and hasn’t given me any problems. I’ve also tried a few other bluetooth headsets that my friends bring over with the same results. You don’t have to go out and by that overpriced PS3 bluetooth headset.

On a side note, I’ve got a little strat that I introduced last night to some random players. You collect resources with 3 workers. 2 doing the chopping and one standing by to do the carrying. I know a lot of you look down on the knight, but that shield is invaluable. He can shield the shooters from a lot of shit and protect himself from AOE spells. They don’t just have to be meat shields, they can be shields period. No one can get behind you with your friends backing you up and with a priest healing you, you aint going no where. I’m not worried about points, I’m just worried about my team winning. I’m usually either a night or a worker. Every so often I’ll go icemage and leap into the castle to cause chaos. Low level freezes tend to sting and even knights chasing you around that small area tend to give up. This give you a chance to work those villagers over a bit. If a ranger shows up, that’s when things get bad for you, but so many people are hell bent on striking you, that never dawns on them. Once they run off to do something else, I’ll duck off in a corner to heal up and start the harassment all over again. BTW, did anyone else see this news report?

It’s not just the title that’s angering the folks behind sites Feminist Gamers and Shakesville, female-run gaming blogs who are already voicing their displeasure to Sony. It’s also the concept that players must feed the titular princess ? who starts out slim ? in order to make her fat, and thus harder to capture.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville writes: “Congrats on your awesome new game, Sony. I’m positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes,” while Feminist Gamer’s “Mighty Ponygirl” suggests a simple gameplay switcheroo would solve the problem (and change the title). “Instead of running out into the forest to find cake to fatten up the princess with, why not go out and find gold (which is a lot heavier than cake) to stuff into a treasure chest,” she says, adding, “The more gold in the chest, the heavier it would be, and the harder it would be to carry.”

Despite the (still limited) fury being directed at Sony, we suspect that there’s a fat chance either the title or gameplay will change.

[Update: Titan Studios’ art director, James Green, emailed in to say: “Does it make it better or worse that the concept artist (who designed the look, characters, everything) is a girl?”]

SOURCE: http://www.joystiq.com/2008/07/22/so-it-begins-feminist-gamers-decry-sonys-fat-princess/

How could this be offending people? Everyone is after the fatchick. The bigger she is, the more men want her. Isn’t that what all fatchicks want? Some one to want them?


ggs to everyone that i played with today sorry i had to leave early i had to go out and eat dinner lol and Daltroid stop switching teams=(

Great games tonight. Big thanks to everyone that was able to make it and especially neondragon for hosting a spectacular session. We still need a WC Captain, can anyone take up this role?

lol rinoH, with SRK or vs SRK… this game is too damn fun either way.

See you all next time and remember to check the schedule!

I cant sadly cuz i got school now so I wont be as active anymore though ill play on the weekends sometimes =(

Dude that was from like a year before the game even came out.

GGs to all tonight.

I can probably do the WC Captain thing, but I don’t know if I want to commit to something like that.

Good shit yesterday. Glad EC had a good time on my host. I should be available every Tuesday at about the same time unless otherwise informed.

I suppose I would be considered central?

jackofarcades | Rammy81 on PSN.

Speakeasy Tests:
New York City, NY
Download Speed: 15731 kbps (1966.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4680 kbps (585 KB/sec transfer rate)

Los Angeles, CA
Download Speed: 11332 kbps (1416.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 5882 kbps (735.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Dallas, TX

Download Speed: 21883 kbps (2735.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4712 kbps (589 KB/sec transfer rate)

Hey Ellesd, or if anyone else can answer this question?

If you’re frozen with the ice mage and you have an AoE spell charged ready to go.

Do you mash square and lose the AoE spell?

I tried waiting it out to keep the spell charged but I don’t think you can unfreeze yourself that way.

The warrior can protect himself from AoE spells with his shield? If that’s true, that’s sick.