Fat ps2 and slim ps2 questions

For the fat ps2, is it ok to turn off the power (using the button at the back) every time I’m finished playing? Is it ok to just leave it in standby mode? What do you do?

For the slim ps2, is it ok to just leave it in standby mode? Or do you need to actually unplug it?

I’ve always just left mine in standby, unless I was unplugging the thing and then I’d turn it off.

That is how i do it as well, and my bulky PS2 still works like a champ.

Turning it off by using the switch in the back might cause voltage spikes that could screw something up over time. At least put it in stand-by first with the dim red led, before flipping the back switch.

is it against site rules to ask how to mod it so i can play import games? and if it is obiously don’t answer…


  • buy a NTSC-J PS2
  • mod chip
  • swap magic (and a flip top if you have a fatty)
  • hdloader/hdadvance (fatties only)

If you go slimline I can say the swap magic has worked greatly for me, I have never tried the other options so I can’t say anything about them.