Fatal EnCounter SFV Monthly El Paso, Tx January 14


Link to Facebook event page:


The Location:
Military Gamer Supply
1121 Larry Mahan Dr.

For any additional information, please call or text (915) 412-8105.

Hello again everyone. To those of you who made it out to our inaugural tournament in December, all I have to once again say is, thank you. For those who didn’t make it, we’re not done yet. Coming up on January 14, is our next Street Fighter V monthly tournament, now named: Fatal EnCounter at Military Gamer Supply.

Gamers of all ages are openly welcomed to join in. It is also HIGHLY recommended that you do bring your own controller or fight stick for this tournament.

$5 entry fee
$5 venue fee

2-3pm: Setups should arrive
3-5pm: Check ins and casuals begin (if casuals haven’t started yet)
5:05-8pm: Tournament starts!
8:15?: Wrapping Things Up

Game Rules:
US Playstation 4 version
Game Setting: Versus Mode, 2/3 Rounds Per Game
2/3 Games Per Match
Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals will be 3/5

*Please Remember:
The player who lost the last game played will have the option to change characters.

However, the player who won the last game played is required to keep the same character.

If there’s a controller malfunction, the issue will be settled between the players and the TO.

As a final note, we would also like to thank Military Gamer Supply for once again allowing us to host this tournament at their venue, as well as everyone within the El Paso FGC. Because without your guys’ support, none of this would be possible. Once again, thank you very much, and we hope to see new and familiar faces on January 14.