Fatal/Fake - The Fate/Stay Night doujin 3D fighter thread


As the title suggests, Fatal/Fake is a cell-shaded 3D fighter by the doujin circle called “Lights”. The fighting cast is composed of all the summoned characters from the Fate/Stay Night game (Saber, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, & Lancer as of right now at least).

The game is very fast paced and combos are very simple to come up with and Im having fun with it right now. At the moment, the 2nd Trail version is available to download and test right now. Version 1 was ok and seem rather broken when it was out but it seems as though Lights made lots of improvements since then. On that page, you can also download a promotional video which shows the other cast members. Seems like this game will turn out very good if you ask me.

Anyway, lets get some other peoples opinion on this now, ok?

I’m about to try the trial seems pretty interesting after watching the demo video. I’ll give my opinion on this once I test it out. Thanks for the heads up on this.


Thus far, all that I can tell is that between the 2 available characters in this trail version, Saber owns Lancer hands down. I’ve only been playing with Saber so I only know all of her moves. If you need them, here ya go:

::Special Moves - Saber:: (Note: all of the moves names are made up…don’t bash me please. ~_~)
Vaccum Wave Slash: D, D/F, F + any button
Upper Round Blade: F, D, D/F + any button
Tri-Form Way: D, D/B, B + any button (3x)
Air Tri-Form Way: D, D/B, B + any button (3x)(in the air)
Sword of Wind: D, D/F, F + D button (drains 1 super bar)
Airwave Pressure: Perform Sword of Wind first - D, D/F, F + D button (drains 1 super bar)

:: ES Specials :: (All of these drain 1 super bar)
ES Vaccum Wave Slash: Same way as original + C button
ES Upper Round Blade: Same way as original + C button
ES Tri-Form Way: Same way as original + C button
ES Air Tri-Form Way: Same way as original + C Button

:: EX Supers ::
Massive Air Wave: F, B, D/B, D, D/F, F + D button (drains 1 super bar)
Sword of Light: B, D/B, D, D/F, F, D/F, D, D/B, B + D button (drains 3 super bars)

I know, crummy names but oh well. Anyway, I hope this helps everyone in trying to come up with combos with Saber and such. Figure out Lancer on your own cause I aint touching his sorry butt.

Nice find. The video looks good. I can’t play the demo cause my PC is too crappy. :sad:

Mmm, Rider.

All honesty, I wished they made Rider a playable character in this demo than Lancer. Gawd he sucks big time. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait. ~_~

Looks tight.

looks crazy, nice find

Well, it can’t be any worse than Fate/Sword Dance. That sure was a crappy game. The levels to me just look kinda…bleh, but then again, this is still the trial. I can wait to see Gilgamesh, he as always my favorite.

whoa this game kicks ass, im addicted. its just nice to have something fresh to play, i really should try out doujin games. so were the fate games any good? were they 2d fighters?

Had to use software vertex processing to see the characters, and the sound effects are all kinds of static.
The game itself seems too based on combos. Like KI, which I’m not a big fan of. I prefer more mind games and precise timings etc.
I love the UI and menu system. The intro shit and all that are really sexy. The music is pretty good too.

All in all it’s not my thing. As someone who makes games as a hobby I feel like I have to give some props though because it’s pretty well done sans a few bugs.

-Bean I

Fate/Stay Night is a hentai game. Not much hentai, but it’s there as a selling point. Most of the game is just story… an interactive graphic novel, if you will.

Looks pretty good, should try it out sooner or later…

There are also 2 fighters based off of it, other than this one. One classic 2d, the other more of a “wrestling” style, neither very good.

I like this game, but I don’t really get the combo system. Anybody willing to post a mini faq?

Has the full version of this been released yet?

All you need to know about Fate is here:

It was made by the same people who created Tsukihime, the game Melty Blood is based on.

Well, after messing around a bit I enjoy the game. I’ll look forward to the full version.

Anyways, I plugged in my Namco stick to my PS2->USB converter and tried the game out. Of course I picked Saber cus she’s so awesome. <3

Using the pad config before the game started, my layout seemed to be like this:


But we all know that can’t be right… so I’ll just use the standard KOF format of this:


Now, through some playing and experimenting, here are some basics.


Sort of like Tekken, but simpler and slightly more complicated at the same time. And, for the sake of easiness, I’ll use the Guilty Gear method of motions, mainly because the combo system is similar to GG and MB. Not to mention I can’t say D+D (down+D)… cus that’s confusing.

There are basic movements like dashing (66), backdashing (44), jumping (7, 8, or 9), and ducking (2). You can also double jump (7, 8, or 9 in the air). You can sidestep to the character’s right by double-tapping down (22), but, oddly enough, I can’t get it to side-step to the left; I get a double jump every time.

Not sure if this was universal for all characters because I didn’t touch Lancer at all, but Saber could roll with 214+D (qcb+D). Another interesting note was while I dashed, if I held up Saber would run upward (her left) until she got close enough to the training dummy… then she’d stop. If I tried to go down while running, she simply crouched. Again, weird and something I don’t quite understand.


Throw: any two buttons except D.
Air throw: same as throw but in the air.
A = weak attack
B = medium attack
C = strong attack
Activate CC: any button+D (more on this later; uses one 1 bar)

Everyone seems to have command normals, though what they do is probably different from others. Command normals are done by 4+any button but D. So, Saber did a different attack than her regular, standing normals. They could be comboed into, but it depends on what move preceded it. More on this below.


Very similar to the GG system and MB system: air combos seem to be the key. Special moves are peformed with the motion plus A or B. EX moves are done by the same motion plus C (drains 1 bar). Saber has two super moves, one that drains 1 bar and another that drains 3. Seems that any move can be cancelled into a special or EX move, but I’m not sure what cancels into super since I didn’t do any supers.

Like GG, this game uses a gattling combo system, meaning you can cancel A into B and B into C. Hence, you can do a standard combo like A-B-C just fine. You can also combo standing B into crouching B or reversed.

Command normals can chain into each other as well, such as 2A-2B-2C will combo, but you cannot combo into command normals from their equal normals. Thusly, B-2B does NOT combo. However, A-2B DOES combo. Another example would be B-2C would combo (I think, didn’t test it). Command normals can also combo into regular normals. For example: 2B-C combos. Some command normals have follow ups, but it seems as if Saber only has one.

After 2B, do 6B and Saber will “uppercut” her opponent into the air. Press up after the move and she will jump after them to follow up with an air combo. This seems to be her standard launcher and can be comboed from a close A-2B-6B. Since this is like Jump Cancel from GG, we’ll call it JC for short.

All air moves can be jump cancelled by jumping right after the move hits. So, essentially you’re double jumping after an attack. Simple. So, here’s two combos.

Basic combo - A-B-2B-C-2C. Basic combo with knockdown.
Basic combo plus special/EX move. - A-B-2B-C-2C -> 236A
Launcher combo - A-2B-6B -> JC, A-B-C -> JC, j.A-B-C (j. denotes jumping; moves after are implied to be jumping as well)

Activation: By pressing any button+D, the character can do a ghetto CC. It can be done at any time… or during a combo. Yes, it will even combo, so if you do A-B-C -> activate, your character will dash forward and strike them once and then you can follow up with your ghetto CC. Basically the CC still follows the gattling rule, meaning you can only do A-B-C stuff. This sets up for damaging combos and juggles quite nicely… and will probably be the main thing to do in the game to perform big combos. Experiment with it to see how the tracking works (even tracks airborne opponents).

With that said, here’s an “advanced” combo (aka advanced as I could get with my limited play time):

B-2B-C -> activate, 2B-6B -> JC, j.A-B-C -> JC, dj.A-B-C

Decent damage.

Final note about Saber: She has two “fighting stances” involving her sword. She starts off with what appears to be a spectrel sword, which does twice as many hits as her real sword. To change to her real sword, do 236D. To change to her spectrel sword, do 236D again. I think the spectrel sword does more damage on really basic combos (because of the more hits), but, because of the damage scaling, it ends up doing less damage in the long run. Better sticking with the real sword for bigger damage.

Writing this shit was long, but I hope it gives some people an idea of wtf the game is about.

im still playing this game and it still comes off as a faster last blade 2 to me for some reason. anyways i really like the game, thank god its only 4 buttons so my brokeass stick can work with it, i have no clue how id play with keyboard/pad.

i like comboing into sabers hadoken super cause i can follow up but i doubt it would work with a human opponent.

Sidestep to the left is Down -> Up (i.e. traditional superjump motion).

I’ll add in a few things Im going to confirm to everyone that I’ve learned while tinkering with this game:

(be advised that all of my statements are from a controller point of view, not keyboard and that all of these are based on only with Saber but some will apply to both Saber & Lancer)

*first off this is my button layout:


It makes what I call Sabers “Combo Cancel” much easier to perform which I will explain in a few moments.

  • Yes, between the 2 characters, Saber is the only person who can roll do Dwn, Dwn/Bck, Bck + D.

  • Saber is the only character out of the two who can do a combo cancel (This is performed by pressing C + D and it requires 1 super bar to activate)

  • Launcher for Saber can be done at anytime and not during just a combo. Just tap B, F + B. Tapping B, F + C will execute a power thrust but its good for ground combos if used right.

  • The combo system in Fatal/Fake is very simplistic. You can use an attack button 2 times during a combo before going on to the next strenght attack button. Lets use this as a test for instance:

Saber can do a simple and quick 6 hit ground combo by simply pressing A, Dwn + A, B, Dwn + B, C, Dwn + C (or) Bck + C or you can do a full standing 6 hit ground combo (this one has to be done extremely fast and its difficult to launch people with due to the fact that this combo will push you away from the opponent) by doing bck + A, Dwn + A, Bck + B, Dwn + B, Bck + C, Dwn + C. After that, come up with anything else you want to do after it. Launcher, Power Thrust, special, ES Special, Combo Cancel, etc.

You don’t really have to follow that combo diagram but just remember that after you’ve hit a certain direction and button, you use that same button 1 more time but you have to press in a different direction on the controller in order for the hit to come out.

  • Sabers Combo Cancel will home on her opponenet when performed. During a air combo, it will follow also but if you do it once in the air and try to perform it again, she will do 1 of the 2 things:
  1. She will super jump up in the air even further but fast as hell to which you can’t your opponent

  2. She will dash downward for a landing, thus, ending your combo flat out.

  • Yes, both characters can perform what I call the “Corner Dash.” This is when your dashing and your either holding the up/down corners of the controller while running to your opponent. This can also be done by doing normal side step procedures. Press Dwn, Up(Hold) to run to the left of your opponent and then Dwn, Dwn(Hold) to run to the right of your opponent. The dash ends when you get in the next to an oppenent.

  • Saber’s Spectral Sword (aka Sword of Wind from the movelist I did) is good only for basic combos but that’s only a matter of opinion. A 51 hit ground - to - Air combo (it required at least 9 super bars to perform) that I composed requires it and it does way over 7000+ damage where as without the Spectral Sword it only does 5000+ damage. Again, matter of Opinion but you choose which style is better for ya.

I hope this was of some help as an add-on to what Spirit Juice brought out.

looks interesting