Fatal/Fake - The Fate/Stay Night doujin 3D fighter thread

I’ve saw things about this around now. I think the full versions out. Anyone know?

release date 8/14/2005; so yeah you’re right.

Looking at the reqs, my comp barely meets them, so I guess it’s time I consider upgrading the ol’ box.

The link in the first post is dead.

The demo sucked.

Haven’t gotten around to the full version yet.

Time_Stop: Most doujin fighters are still 2D. The only other 3D ones I’m aware of are Hi no Kakera and some other shitty thing from a few years back, all of which were more 2.5D than true 3D.

Im playing the full version as we speak right now and quite frankly, Saber & Archer pwnz big time over everyone else. Rider is ok but those combos of hers has to be done too damn quick if you ask me. Caster is a projectile fanatic, Berserker is fast for someone of his stature but has a delay time in some of his hits, Assassin is kinda smooth with his hits (ummmm, you’ll know what I mean if you play with him).

My group has already released the full version of the game but we only have it for distribution in our IRC channel so no torrent is made guys, sorry.


Look there to see all of our public & IRC channel only releases.

I might add that air juggling seems to hit differently depending on the target and the stage. It seems like some combos will only work on a specific person away from walls, or some buisness like that. Some stages have cielings which furthor screw around with your comboing ability.

Using the cancel ability (C+D) seems to mess up air-juggleability (the 46B will not launch), under certain circumstances. It’s kind of strange.

Didn’t see it mentioned, but you can cancel specials into EX moves as well. This gives you some longer and more powerful chains. Basic ground chain for Saber tends to look like:
A B 2B C > C+D > B 2B C 214B 214B (214C)5
B 2B C 214B 214B 214C
4 > C+D > B 2B C 214B 214B 214C*5

Against Archer, you can do a more elaborate string:
B 2B C 2C 46B > jc.A B C > jc.A B C 214B 214B 214C(4) C+D Cancel > C 214B 214B 214C

But like I said, when you start getting into elaborate air juggles, size/weight differences start to become an issue. (I also might add that Saber can jump cancel her special moves in the air as well).

Saber also seems to be able to link A off of her 214D roll with VERY tight timing. Using that, I’ve been able to do:
A B C 214D > A B C 214D > A B C 214D

I’ve not managed to connect more than the 9 hits… there may either be a safeguard involved, or it may just be a very difficult to do infinite. I also wasn’t patched at the time, so it may or may not have already been changed.

Edit: Yeah, confirming it’s still there. It’s actually easier to do like this:
4A 4B 4C 214D > Repeat

Seems to me like some characters actually recover faster than others do. Rider seems to be harder to do juggles/infinite on that characters like Assasin.

Is there any IRC chan guide, as I have no idea how use it to dl stuff.

When you say 214d*5 do you mean 214c?

I also don’t see how the roll infinite is possible, Saber’s roll isn’t that fast and any of the C’s dont’ stun for that long. It doesn’t even seem close.

For that Archer combo don’t forget to add in an airdash! I like to use it after the first j.abc.

Finally I’d just like to say that cancel is any button + D. Not just C+D, so people should just use whatever is most convienent.

Then after you’ve made your brilliantly complex and damaging 7k air combo with Saber, pick Assassin/Archer/Berserker. Do something much easier for just as much damage and possibly using no bar!

Yes, I got my C’s and D’s mixed up.

The infinite works, you need to cancel quickly into the roll and then cancel it immediately into a 4A again. The timing isn’t even that difficult, you can get it maybe 50% of the time just mashing the button.

(That’s XviD by the way)

(It does go past what I show of course, but you get the point). She can also, of course, start it from any point on a ground combo if she has meter, by using the dash cancel to move her forward enough to do it.

We’re playing a different game here. I also made a short clip of it and my Archer recovers WAY before yours. Here’s how it went for me, granted my execution definitely isn’t the best. But if you can mash it out, I should’ve gotten it by now.


My version is 1.02. Maybe that’s the difference?

Yeah, looks like there’s an issue with my patch updater, it wont actually update to 1.02. Glad to see they are at least on the ball about fixing stuff like that though.

Not-so-stupid question : is the gaming worth buying? (and I ask as a fighting game lover, not just a fighter wanabee or a dojin fan… so I don’t care about what ppl like, I care about facts, including game engine and such)

And btw, lina/bell/lk/vman : is sword dance of any interest by now or is it still a great disappointment even patched?

I wouldn’t buy this game…maybe if it was 20 bucks.


As the title suggests, Fatal/Fake is a cell-shaded 3D fighter by the doujin circle called “Lights”. The fighting cast is composed of all the summoned characters from the Fate/Stay Night game (Saber, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, & Lancer as of right now at least).

The game is very fast paced and combos are very simple to come up with and Im having fun with it right now. At the moment, the 2nd Trail

Stop wait…reverse the tape.

What the fudge is a Trail? You got tha mix feeling?

Gave up on the game whose name shall not be mentioned long ago. I’m not sure how it can ever become a decent game.

As for FF, I like it. It’s definitely not something I’d want to play seriously against someone though. Still things that are just stupidly abusive.

For example, Caster, in the graveyard field, can teleport “outside” of the ring. That is, she can teleport behind the invisible boundary and just pelt you to death if you have no ranged attacks. The CPU did this against my Saber and it sucked greatly.

Opinion: Buy it if it’s cheap enough for your price range.

KoftST: He meant trial version, it’s a typo. =p

Thx a lot. I had given up on that certain game but I wanted a confirmation. As for FF, I’ll go for it since it happens to be more or less in my price range and I’ve got to move my ass and get the last touhou… (and I want a patch with mystia for IaMP !)

Just a hint for anyone who can’t get the patch to install… the game installs a bunch of files with Japanese characters… and if you didn’t have Japanese set as your default non-Unicode language when you tried to install the game, the files might not get copied. You can copy them manually and it should patch fine.

I didn’t patch the game, I deleted it!

On a random note, Beserker would of beast the game if had he had decent rushdown and an actual high/low game. Throw, 5C xx 236C (super) is too good cuz it takes a bit more than half of your life (7000+, specific dmg depending upon the character’s vitality and your charge time on the special/super). Plus he’s got air juggles in which he can retouch the ground (easier for me :P). Though, after the eighth hit you must watch out because the character gravity is increased dramatically.

what do you think of fatal fake?

that cell shaded PC game

It’s alright I think like a mix of SFEX and Last Blade
The Graphics are darn impressive I must say gameeplay is alright too, probably really broken? but fun

I see there is an update for it?

I beat the game but I didn’t find any new characters or secrets I see there is an update available it’s a hefty 27mb so hopefully more charas?

plz discuss thnx

i heard saber has a infinite