Fatal fury 3 advert (its old vid from Japan)

I wish ads were more like this, length wise


that was top tier

that was a lot of fun seeing that.


Sad that there was a time where SNK could afford to do lavish promos like that.

I’ve been searching for that for years!

Indeed, SNK still remains one of my favorite companies in the industry.

You guys seen the AOF 2 promo? That was top teir!

There just something about terry that makes him the Baddest mofo on the planet in th game and anime…but the seccond someone trys to cosplay as him…its just like…uhh…no…dont…please…

oh noes… that nigga poured a beer on terry!

… and is that a krystal hat he is wearing throughout the vid?

… lastly, terry seems to be getting all bent out of shape and yelling randomly… was he fighting a case of crabs in this installment aswell?

Fatal Fury 3 arranged soundtrack is probably my favorite fighting game soundtrack ever. Go download it now. Or buy the sega saturn version.

I know what you mean. I think it’s the jacket that makes it look so damn dorky.

But yeah, good find. This game got me into fighting games, and I’ve never seen that commercial ever before. Someone teach me how to save a youtube.com video into HDD?

i will later AND I will try to find AOF2 as well

2 other Fatal Fury commercials plus better quality ff3 promo vid:


right-click > save as

There are many more SNK commercials like that (FF2, FFS, AOF2, SS2…):


And nowadays they have 4 short anime episodes done by Production IG (Kill Bill, Ghost in the Shell) airing in multiple japanese channels to promote the new game (that also has extensive promotional CG animations).

30 minutes of good animation > Crappy sub-Kickboxer commercials.

That could be said about cosplaying anything, it’s always a disaster

Bullshit. Just check some galleries of Japanese conventions and you’ll see cosplays that look even better than the game.

white people+bright colours = lame

Oh man, I am trying to find the AOF2 ad which is about 4-5 mins long AND you see Ryo do the super move and the dragon punch hits 2 times at the end, when it should only hit once.

Can someone please put link here, if you find or have it