Fatal Fury 3 (help)


Hi guys.
Dunno if there is someone in here who’s still playing this game but i will ask anyway.
I dont really like this 3rd chapter of the FF series (my favourite is FF SPECIAL) but i play it sometimes.
I usually use Mai since i really like her moves so my question is:
do you know some combos with her?
and…do u still play it?what do u think of this episode?
To me the only good thing is Yamazaki and Blue Mary, i dont really like the others new chars, and the “finishers” (i mean the ones in Andy’s stage or the one in the Mary’s one) are quite funny.
I’d like to try it online on 2df once i’m back home!


Play Real Bout 2.


ff3 is a better single player experience :slight_smile:


i play it too dont worry
so no help for the great ( ahah ) chapter 3?!?!? :lol:

@Syxx573: so in VS is really crappy?


Yes, it’s an unfinished game…you can find some Japanese matches on youtube of it being played…

It was the beginning of what became the Real Bout series…

RB1, RBS, RB2.


I think the thread title says it all.


ok to conclude: i leave this game and continue with FFS ahah



isn’t this the (or one of the) FF game that’s known for having ridiculously hard super inputs? lol


Dunno 'bout you guys but this game could def. go with an HD Remix treatment of sorts.


Mai. Her combos are mainly ryuuenbu.
b/b is
cr.A into qcb+A or back+D into AB. There is of course the dial combo CCCD.

cl C into qcf + A works only in corner.
Can’t combo the hcf+C squirrel roll.
Can’t combo air dive.

She is actually my main but I don’t try to use combo. She is pretty low in the game. Her good moves are cr.A, which is probably her best crA ever, it was nerfed ever afterwards. Use it as safe poke, hitconfirm with ryuuenbu. lowjump Air C is also really good here, not as good as Bob’s D but I’d say it’s one of better air moves in the game. I suggest using air C pretty early and go into frame reading game instead of trying to combo off it, because DPs in general are super great in the game. Use DDD+C to kill the other guy with chip, it is useless otherwise. Dive fake is also useless. I haven’t found any real use for her hcf+C, and every character has one way or another to counter mid-height moves anyway, so… you probably shouldn’t use it. I suggest dash D instead at mid range. At max range(like if you hit their lower torso) your dive is in advantage frames. Her df(hold)+A is super good poke-goes under most mid height moves. QCB+C is at disadvantage on block but at max range you will be able to block opp’s reversal crA/B. Her super and hidden IMO are not worth it, have no invincibilities, come out slow, don’t do as much damage as say, Terry, and frankly isn’t worth the input.

I play the game, I love the presentation and I was convinced that it was a good game for a while. I got to the competitve part of it with Terry and Andy assholes with their infinites, made me sick of the versus side of the game. Franco didn’t help either. That said, I still play for the first player experience part of the game. I believe this is still better than a lot of games, say, Galaxy Fight or AoF 2 or something. If the loop combos are regulated(like, say, for only two loops and then it’ll knock down), I think it would have been another SNK classic. It’s worth checking out just to at least see how different characters are in this game compared to rest of FF.


thx FatalFuryD :slight_smile:
i will try those :slight_smile:
about the desperation moves…they are easy, but the hidden super desperation moves are really hard to pull out. I could perfom only the one of Joe and the one of the red twin, but the others…too diffucult for me. The one of Hon Fu is kinda of weird, to perform it there are some conditions really stupid (i mean “time”).

Anyway i like the levels of this game, especially the Andy’s one,Geese’s,Hon Fu’s and the Twins’s . It’s far better than Galaxy Fight and AoF 2 for sure eheh


As far as DMs and hiddens go Franco, Bob and Honfu got the better end of the stick IMO. Franco’s DM starts his infinite, Bobs is a safe overhead and Honfu is, well, Kim’s pheonix that combos off anything. Terry’s is also good and can combo off antiair cD.


? the game is finished. its the most technical fatal fury made to date. a very hard system to catch on to.


He probably means not playtested enough.


Yep thats what I mean…its not playtested enough…too many infinites… I played it for quite a while too just like you Fatal Fury D…and yes I love the 1p aspect of the game…but you will see how much they have to playtest in the vs. mode of the game…which was better polished in the following games overall.

Also Fiol- Once my Saturn pad gets reworked I’ll upload some matches just like I did with 94RB.



To their credit though, it’s hard to find glitches in the game. I don’t think even think the common flying glitch is there. I think they just focused on ironing out the game itself than balances, it really was not a big thing to focus on fairness back in 94 amongst game devs.


I can’t link anything in combo (i mean the hidden ones), maybe i’m not fast enough (probably it’s for this reason :rofl: ).

@Dark Geese: i will wait them eheh. Once i get my KOf94 re-bout i will do some match with my brother. cant wait to get it! :lol:


Agreed, and that’s why I say it’s unfinished…its a prototype game that I can fully appreciate for the presentation and as long as I play it in vs. keeping in mind that it is a prototype game that will allow me to play it without thinking of its issues…

Its like comparing 94 to 94RB in regards to balance…not even CLOSE… :rofl:



Which combos are you having trouble on? Generally I’d recommend practicing jumping C/D into tide turner, then close C/D into TT, then close A/B into TT. Also try various juggle situations, note that you can’t combo afterwards if you get counter kd animation(spinning knockdown/sliding knockdown).

Geese: you like 94 ReBout that much?


Well I just notice how much they’ve balanced out in comparison to 94 OG…they’ve balanced out a lot of the broken stuff in 94 OG…I remember the tournament we had at MWC like 3 years ago and some people didnt wanna enter because all the glitches and broken stuff from 94 OG was removed lol.