Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 - American Release

15 dollars

Go, go, gadget:

Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

Get it with World Heroes Anthology at Amazon for $29.98. Literally under 30 bucks for 7 fighting games…AT LEAST three of which are absolute gems:
World Heroes Perfect, Real Bout Special, Real Bout 2

Don’t bother screwing around in Gamestop or retail stores. Online is the guaranteed method, in my view…
But, if you get lucky, go for it.

Great games, people! Support SNK and their localization efforts.

Then hop on those WHP and Real Bout 2 threads, and hit the ground running…

For those buying multiple games (FFBA2, WHA, Arcana Heart, etc) you probably should check SuperDuperClub.com.

what? this came out too, looks like i’m getting arcana and this tommorow

The search begins…:shake:

Word is that it’s been delayed to May…

That’s weird… it says April 10th on the SNKP website.


I dunno bout the Wolrd Heroes series…that shit was JUST this side of mediocre. But I WILL snatch up the Real Bout series. Hopefully we’ll get a training mode.

That’s true for 1-Jet, but Perfect is amazing. It’s practically a brand new game.

i will be picking this up. i might just get the game online after my frustration trying to find the world heroes collection.

Picking this up for sure for that RB2 goodness.

Yeah, it got pushed back…:frowning:


Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with booting up the hype machine a little early. Amazon claims it’s “in stock” now, so…

On a related note, anyone know why the recent SNK compilations have always been classified in Amazon’s “Military and Espionage” category? I’ve always found that mildly humourous…

Looks like the wait probably won’t be as long as I thought…Did some reading on different forums, and some people have been having luck ordering online…

Amazon claims it shipped today…

So the game exists!

Mine got shipped from Amazon too. So the game is already released.

Didn’t get pushed back, just that late SNK shipping as always

Randomly walked into a Gamecrazy today and they just had it sitting there, so good

Got my copy of FFBA Vol. 2 at GameCrazy last Friday, exactly uno shelf copy, so snatch 'em while you can.

And anyone who hated the World Heroes series back in the day really does need to go back and revisit Perfect. It is anything but your run-of-the-mill World Heroes game, and for 15 bucks, you really can’t go wrong.

SNK or whoever composed these tracks really out did themselves with the newest arranged tracks. The kind of classic rock-ish Geese’s theme and Xiang Fei’s theme were particularly good.

And how do you get the palette edits to show up in game?

Never mind I’ll just look in the instruction manual.

Just got a phone call from home and they told me that my copy arrived from www.eStarland.com I’m at my job right now and I got one more hour to go. Can’t wait. It’s been awhile since I played The Real Bout Series.

i’m going to order online because gamestop doesn’t have it yet! And I must play RBS!