Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 - American Release

Hey Larry,are either gonna be at FRXII?

Gamestop should be the LAST place you should check. Not only do they charge an extra $5 to stock “hardcore” games, they’re usually the last place to get it, if at all. Plus, it’s already been reported that they’ll be stocking fewer of these hardcore games. Around here, Toys R US usually gets the SNK stuff first before everyone else (at least that was the case for XI and NGBC, I’ve ordered the others online). Try checking there? It’s even listed on their website, while it’s nowhere to be found on Gamestop.com.

I got mine via Amazon in the mail yesterday. Also dont bother trying to get this or any SNK collection at Gamestop anymore. They will not be getting these games on time and when they do they will be sold as new “old” stock, meaning they will be shipped with used lables and still sold for $19.99. Just a heads up.


I hope everyone picks this up…I surely will challenge anyone in Real Bout Special…

I second that, I picked up the Garou BA2 pack a few months ago and the emulation is superb, plus the practise mode is a really awesome feature!

Nice to hear that a store dedicated to selling games has got its priorities straight.

I’ll be picking this up, oh which is better though RB or RB2?

Yeah I never really cared about the World Heroes series…just too damn goofy…like Clay Fighter :rofl: but Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol.2 I will be getting! I got the Vol.1 of it and still play around with it lol…I have RB2 on my MAME and I play around with it but hopefully Vol.2 will have a training mode…

If it’s anything like the Japanese version, then yes, there will be a training mode.

Fixed that for you, also I would personally say RB2

It all boils down to personal preference really…seriously…

Goofiness aside, World Heroes Perfect will surprise you. It’s the fourth of the series, and the best. 3 punches, 3 kicks, like SF. They ditched the pressure sensitive button inputs. Added ferocious supers (Muscle Power’s is SO excessive that it’s just funny…especially when it’s a KO). Nasty combos. Great control. Lots of characters.

It’s a gem.

It has a basic practice mode for all three games. Customizable controls and move lists.

Well just a short overview, what is the biggest difference between RBS and RB2 and why would someone prefer one over the other. Oh and on the WH note, I was never fond of the game due to the designs but I hear the 4th one is like a mix between SF2T and GG or something…wouldn’t it be nice if they release it on xbox live aracde.

the easiest way to sumerize it, RB=xmenvsf, RB2=Mvsf

RB, RBS, and RB2 are all quite different. Its nice to have all three in pack cos they’re pretty varied.

I’m not an expert, but heres what I picked up:

RBS: AWESOME stage design (Yama/Hon fu/Cheng’s stage has to be seen to be believed), two planes and you can fight in both, high comboability (eg quick quick special)
RB2: Two planes but the back plane acts as an evasion plane only, so the fight doesn’t flow from plane to plane like before, combos are more like KOF style (command move cancelled into special) but also has short three hit chains a la Bakumatsu 2, even though art style is the same characters have changed a LOT from RBS.

I only use one character myself in both RBS and RB2 so I could be wrong about some things, but its based on observation too.

The practise mode is off the hook by the way, great addition that.

Well goddamn.
The last reason I had to not hate GS with my whole being is now gone.

Well I prefer RBS to RB2 because ANYONE can compete…talk about a balanced game? The tiers boil down to either S Class, A Class, or Bottom Tier…there is no mid tier in RBS…

everyone except Cheng Stands a chance in RBS…

I also am bumping my RBS thread so check that out since I have some casuals from last night.

Agreed 100%. They’ve already run most of the mom and pop game stores in my area off the map by putting by a store on every other street corner, now they’re not stocking hard-to-find titles so that they can fill their shelves with the same crap I can find at Target or Best Buy?

Fuck Gamestop.

Rb2 is just more polished that RbS IMO. Plus RbS has got some dumb mega damage corner combos lol (even though Rb2 has a few too lol).

But IMO RB2 is also more watered down than RBS…so it goes both ways.

Walls- instant stun in RBS…

Now I like both RBS and RB2, but I like RBS more… more being able to compete plus an intricate line shift system plus better presentation=GREAT!

But I love my feints in RB2 too…and being able to tech WITHOUT METER…

They need to take their time and make a Real Bout PERFECT, or just fuck it…make Garou 2/Garou SPECIAL lol have RBS and RB2 stuff in it…it could be the best Fatal Fury YET…

Heres my RBS thread ask all RBS questions in here please…



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