Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu Story Thread



Can someone please give me some explanations on those points?

I saw those infos on the Wiki and this site about the Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury Story, but they don’t say the exact source for the infos.

Tatsumi Suoh (Blue Mary’s grandfather):
Where was his name said?

Cheng Sinzan:
Where is said that Cheng Sinzan was trained by Tung Fu Rue?

Touji Sakata:
Where is said that he trained Geese?

Where does the name “ Three Brothers of Godly Battle ”come from?

Where does this information about Hanzo come from?

Hanzo Shiranui:

A master of Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu, Hanzo was a strict teacher who trained both Mai and Andy Bogard. Hanzo was acquaintances with fellow martial arts masters Jubei Yamada and Tung Fu Rue Sometime before Fatal Fury , Hanzo and Jeff Bogard faced Wolfgang Krauser simultaneously; Hanzo left the second half of the x-shaped scar on Krauser’s forehead.

Hanzo passes away by the time Fatal Fury 3 takes place, leaving the Shiranui clan’s legacy to Mai and his martial arts successor to Andy.

Where does this information about Don Gonzales and KOF come from?

Using the name of Geese’s 1979 model, Don Gonzalez sponsors another King of Fighters tournament in Southtown. This is likely the first of many largely unchronicled KOF’s held throughout the 1980’s.

Billy, while serving as a henchman for him, steals the Qin text belonging to Krauser and delivers it to Geese (whether this is so is not officially known).

Where does this information about Jubei come from?

Jubei Yamada:

In the past, Jubei Yamada was such a fierce Judo warrior, that the prowess and skill that he released in his matches earned him the nickname of "The Demon". His young spirit and burning will was admired and respected by those who saw his fights. But that was long ago.

Now he is a giddy old man who passes his time eating cookies and taking care of his dojo, where he watches over the progress of his many students. Jubei has resorted to a more peaceful life. Having chosen to live away from the ways of fighting, Jubei rested in his dojo, with not too much effort spent. He spends his time with his old friend and rival Hanzo Shiranui, a Ninjutsu master and well trained in the ways of Koppo-ken. Hanzo had been training his granddaughter Mai in the Shiranui Ninjutsu style, but when he was approached by a young American boy called Andy Bogard who wanted to learn the Koppo-ken art, Hanzo left Mai to complete her training with Jubei. Jubei realized that Andy had a lot of potential to become a superb fighter, but he had more important tasks to do…

Where does this information about Mai come from?

Mai Shiranui:
Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of ninjitsu and Koppo-ken. Mai learned from her father the secrets of Ninjitsu. She had met Andy Bogard, during this time, who had come to train under her grandfather. Mai then had to take alternate courses from her grandfather’s friend, Jubei Yamada in ninjitsu. At first, Mai was uninterested in Andy and only thought of him as another callous man only interested in his training. It wasn’t until he gave her a present on her birthday that she saw him in another light and eventually fell in love with him.

Where does this information about Krauser come from?

Wolfgang Krauser:
Pathway of the Earl of Stroheim

About forty years before Fatal Fury takes place, Michael, the present head of the Stroheim family, lost his son and wife in an aerial accident. His granddaughter, Elza, was the only living descendant and no male heirs were available to them. Sometime later, Elza fell in love with a man named Rudolph, who won a martial arts tournament. As she was expecting a child, Elza asked her grandfather to approve of her marriage with Rudolph. Left with no say in the matter, Michael begrudgingly agreed.

Since he became a part of the Stroheim family, Rudolph was forced to leave his wife and child in America, Maria and Geese. When Krauser was nine years old, a boy tried to assassinate his father. This boy was Geese who blamed Rudolph for leaving his mother to die from sickness. Surprisingly, Krauser defeated the would-be assassin and would have killed him if he wasn’t restrained by Rudolph. Since then, Geese has always feared his younger half-brother.

When Krauser was older, his great-grandfather died and Rudolph became head of the family. Elza also passed away around the same time. Learning that her husband still loved his old wife over her, Elza had drunk her sorrows away with liquor and died with a frail body. On his sixteenth birthday, Wolfgang challenged his father to a duel a day after Elza’s funeral. Although observers were in favor of Rudolph’s victory, Krauser killed him in one blow. Thus, Krauser became the undisputed and strongest Earl of Stroheim in the family’s history, ruling Mittelbirge Castle.

  • Sometime after this event, he fought with Jeff Bogard and Hanzo Shiranui, Mai’s grandfather. The two fighters were able to strike Krauser’s forehead, which left a cross scar that refused to completely heal. He returned to his country and continued to attend to his family’s legacy.

Sometime between 1966 and 1975, Jeff Bogard and Shiranui Hanzō faced Krauser. The distinctive cross-shaped scar on Krauser’s forehead was due to Jeff’s Power Wave.