Fatal Fury Special : combo into SDM

In case the Garou Special worship crew is still around (Josh and Crayfish ^^ ?), I got a few questions.

Can you combo into Geese’s and Billy’s SDM ?

It seems that you can combo a far B into “Flamming Pole”, and I often use that trick, but once Kim kicked me out between the two o_o !?!

Also about Billy, is “far B -> Senpkon” a combo or must you go through “far B -> A -> Senpkon” (senpkon = A,A,A,A… quickly)"

Now about Geese, can you cornertrap a combo into Raising Storm ? For example can you “j.D -> c.A -> Reppuken -> Raising Storm” ?

…what a success. :wtf:

Hmmn, I typed a reply and wanted to attach a Geese combo, but the file was too big so i ended up losing all my stuff.

Anyways, quick answers:

Geese can combo his super from his hard attacks, however the opponent must be crouching and reeling towards Geese.

Billy can combo his super from most of his normals, the easiest of these is probably his low b. it also combos from his far b.

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Thanks a lot. That vid is from “FFS Max site” I guess. I lost the URL a while ago can you post it here please ?

Yes, the vid is from “Garou Max”'s site:


Some other FFS sites:

“Sound Machine” - Billy Kane Fan site has some good FFS stuff.


FFS stategy guide - Has Basic overviews for all the characters.



Great stuff, thanks a lot mk.