Fatal Fury Special Rookie

I recently downloaded Fatal Fury Special from Xbox Live because I wanted to get into Fatal Fury since I’ve been enjoying Street Fighter-like games for a while now. I’ve never played Fatal Fury so I’ don’t really know any combos or move sets because the FFS doesn’t have a viewable move list. I was wondering if anybody can give me a quick run down on Fatal Fury, the characters and some basic combos. I wouldn’t mind learning more about Joe (the Muay Thai character?).

I thought that Fatal Fury utilized a similar move list to that of Street Fighter but I think I’m incorrect…appreciate the help.

I’m gonna be nice because I love fatal fury special and I just got my MVS cart so I’m in a good mood

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=115073 go here for FFS info and try to use the search function next time

You can get moves for fighting games from gamefaqs.com. The best ones you want to look at are by Kao Megura (RIP).

I love FFS!!! I wish I could link you some good youtube videos of the game but the game is still played on some level in tournaments in Japan so it wouldn’t hurt to search youtube for matches.