Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

Didn’t see a thread for this here, and didn’t really see it discussed on the SNK fighting games sites, either.

Anyway, this game was released on SNK’s shortlived Hyper Neo Geo 64 console, but was downgraded and ported to the playstation. Some people like it, others don’t, but I think few would say it wasn’t one of SNK’s better forays into the 3D-fighting realm (SS Warriors rage, anyone? :confused:)

Its pretty much Garou as usual though, even though the game is in 3-D the sidestep in previous titles is more or less the same. You can airblock, to some extent.

I was hoping people could share strats and stuff, and for people willing to get it, Kao and EXAndy at gamefaqs have excellent FAQs listing moves, system specifics and even target combos.

I main Tsugumi Sengo because I’m masochist , apparently, :wasted: but I plan to pick up Terry/Toji later.

Here’s a tier list:

(I haven’t unlocked Duck King and Mr. Karate yet, but I hear they’re pretty good. Still, I won’t list them yet)

**Top tier - *** Billy Kane - Basically the same reasons he’s top tier in 2002, carry over here. He’s got range, making it hard to get in, and easy for him to harass, nice anti-air and little recovery unless you side-roll practically 100 years in advance) the only problem I see is ho-hum combos and average damage output.

  • Geese Howard - Boss character; nuff’ said. His raging/rising storm is easier to execute, he’s has an easier input for the Vacuum Throw and the double reppuken, etc.

  • Andy Bogard - fast, ranged command throw, high priority attacks, speed and ambiguous cross up with that damn Zaneiken, some more stuff. He has punishable recovery time, though. Roll around that shit!

  • Terry Bogard - Good damage, otg combos, zoning and great at rushdown. Hell, he’s the default boss before/instead of Geese. Like Andy, though he has some recovery time.

  • Joe Higashi - Probably THE best character in the game, tiger knee beats EVERYTHING and I mean everything. I’ve been beaten out of invincible frame supers by that stupid thing; Terry’s rising tackle and kim’s Kuusajin can’t even compare to it. The banana kick crosses up sometimes, the Twin tornado projectile controls mad space and even if you roll around it, can’t be punished (have to go over it, which is risky…), one of the best sweeps in the game, and great supers which are hard to beat out, avoid and punish. A lot is his stuff is thankfully punishable on block (not all of it) but still makes fighting this guy in exercise in frustration.

  • Ryuji Yamazaki - Snake Arm is mad broken. Can control space AND anti-air, like Billy makes people who don’t have projectiles work like mad to get in (Can’t roll through it like it KOF or CvS2, dammit!). Has reversals, almost instant activation supers, command grab and good normals. Lack of combos, though but doesn’t really need them.

  • (moved up)Kim - nice range on normals, good wake-up game and chips like hell if you don’t sidestep/roll. His supers are great, too but he has some hella recovery time on whiffs and the like. Powerful combos round out the package, but he has no projectile or way to control space outside Hangetsuzan which is easy to reverse or sidestep.

  • (moved up) Toji Sakata - Probably has the highest priority throws in the game, is good at ticking them (perhaps the best tick-throw in the game) and that stick is damn powerful up close. But, its hard for him to get in. On the good side, he gets bonus points for his small size (difficult to cross-up, a lot of highs whiff) and his close range stuff is pretty powerful.

Mid Tier -

  • Li Xiangfei - nice bnb combos and pressure if played right. Her backwards drunken stance has great priority and tricky throw. Stay away from her! She’s alright at covering ground, but without a projectile and anything really overpowering, she’s regulated to mid-tier.

  • Mai Shiranui - Not much experience with her, but she has a decent projectile, anti-air and does okay damage. There’s nothing overly special or anything from the other games, she’s just solid.

  • Raiden - His command throws are good, but you’d think the 360+P (Thunder Death Driver) would do more - 60 points of damage isn’t a lot in this game. SPD it is not. Still he’s got a good super (one, Thor’s hammer sucks) and his poison breath allows him to deal with jump-ins and zoning. Nothing to abuse; like Mai he’s just solid. Being a big target and hard way to get in make him lower-mid.

  • Low-tier - - Tsugumi Sendo - She looks good on paper, well sort of, but I’m almost inclined to believe she’s a joke character or either a very complicated one. Perhaps both. She’s got probably the most grabs in the game, a ton of links, some decent combos and strings. But she has a really hard time getting in (I hate you Yamazaki, Billy, joe), reversals are a little slow, supers are ho-hum ( I think maybe Loop Line Crush has some invincibility frames but not much) and some stuff is mindbogglingly situation specific. She also doesn’t do much damage, making a lot of battles rely on patience. She has no projectile, and no dp-style reversal (well, qcf+C works sometimes…it beats out Andy’s Shoryudan clean for some reason…).

Looking around, my fears were pretty much on the spot about not many people playing this game, and even if they do they didn’t record matches :shake:

All I found on Youtube were a few gameplay vids against the CPU, an update on progress people are making for the arcade emulated version, and a couple of combo vids ([media=youtube]3NDk0ikdTbI[/media]). If there’s any dedicated threads, strat information or versus vids, I’d be thankful if someone could post and let me know.

But since the Hyper Neo Geo 64 titles are so overlooked, I’m not holding my breath.

finally someone with a brain. this game was the shit in pennyland in new orleans.
Tsugumi Sengo got alot of hidden moves. if you wanna fight me we can play p2p on epsxe i have the jap port.

Oh shit, I’d forgotten you could do online with epsxe! Still, I have two problems; I have the NTS-C ISO port, and I don’t think the internet connection at my apartment is strong enough; I would have to catch you while I’m up at the college (I’m leeching off of the wireless you see :wink:). Still, I should probably be able to find a NTSC-J ISO somewhere, or you could visit my filefront account (wink, wink).

I just ordered a new USB controller too, so I’m working with the PSX version now. I hope to get match vids up, possibly because Ka and Mike LOVE fatal fury.

I have the US ver., will try to get the JP ver. later on.
I wouldn’t mind playing p2p if someone explain how to do so.
I use ePSXe 1.7.0 BTW (Hope its OK to mention this emu here…)

Tsugumi Sengo is top

Why do you say that? Maybe I’m missing something, but its just too hard for her to get in most of the time. She has a good mixup game when she gets in, but still, characters have answers. Some other stuff, too.

You also said she had some hidden moves? Could you list them?

Just coming back to say I can finally capture live matches on my youtube account and I also ordered a copy of FFWA for my PS2, so there should be some match vids up there soon if anyone wants to comment.

Top/high tier is Toji for his RETARDED DM in the Psx version.

Terry is up there also with stupidly fast R.Tackle charge time and it hitting low also.

Raiden was raped for the home version also

Good timing man - I just played a mean Toji the other day and I was also wondering if he should be moved up on the tier list. Terry is already top tier in my book, so I guess I keep him there. :stuck_out_tongue:

My memories are fuzzy back when I played in the arcades, so I’ll take your word for Raiden, but what exactly did they take from him that made him better in the NG64 version?


Here’s a match vid of me against the CPU. I’m going to post a full arcade mode runthrough later, and I’ll get match vids…whenever I can get a hold of my friends, I guess (We’ve been busy with other stuff).

No love for Duck King or Mr.Karate?

Ka has my PSX memory cards so I can’t save data when I play PS1 games… :mad:

Like I said in the first post, I imagine they’re both top-tier but I don’t have them selectable, so its best I don’t pass verdict on them.

If you have some strats you’d like to share, please post that shit up! :rock:

Raiden’s damage overall has been raped and his 360 traps don’t work quite as well because of the the game having different frame data than the arcade one by a big margin.

Kim should be higher than that just for the fact that he safe on just about everything and one stray jab could lead to a combo that could dizzy(much like RB2).

If you’re going to try and tier the hidden guys, I suggest Ryo before Duck but don’t quote me on that. Ryo has some of the best damage output in the game but Duck is mixup city so I can’t really elaborate past that.

Alright, taking your comments into consideration, I have moved up Toji and Kim. Also, thanks for the Raiden info; very enlightening.

From what I’ve seen on combo/demonstration vids, your comment on Ryo is right on the money. Soh85 just uploaded a vid that was positively scary! But, still, I’ve gotta get these two unlocked…

Seeing as I don’t think I’ve ever played this game against a human, I can’t really offer much insight on tiers and what not. Plus, the CPU had some major damage inflation going on, so I couldn’t tell what moves really were THAT powerful and what moves were only powerful when done by the AI.

But, this thread has inspired me to dust off the old disc and check it out again.

Ryo has to be pretty solid from what I remember, though…

Finally got some preliminary match vids against my friends in this game captured earlier this evening. Will upload and try to capture more tomorrow because the internet connection is being gay at my apartment right now.

i think i saw this game on japanese psn, correct? I got it like… the first day it came out on playstation and I thought it was pretty good. The game had like a 15 minute intro that any fanboy should see. I would like to play this game again at some point. Hows that NG 64 emulation coming along?

Alright, considering. From what I’ve seen, they finally got past the BIOs screen for this title (lol) but there’s still a lot of work to be done. That’s why I’m just working with the PSX version right now.


There’s two FF matches, one against Ka’s Joe and another against Mike’s Geese. There was also a sweet ass match between my Tsugumi and Ka’s Xiangfei but I ran out of disc space as it was recording. :wasted:

Stay tuned for more updates as we play the game more and more.