Fatality's Custom Vewlix Cabinet!

Ok ive finally started construction on my custom vewlix arcade cabinet. I have decided to use a ps3 and a Nintendo wii, this way i can play street fighter 4, street fighter2 hd remix, tekken 5/6, marvel vs Capcom, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, plus i have a bunch of snes games on my wii like killer instinct, all the classic street fighters, nba jam, and many more so this cab will be able to power all my gaming needs.

So the first day i began mapping out the side pieces , bottom box, and control panel, followed by alot of cutting gluing, and sanding.

Ok the second day i began putting the box together doing some more sanding and what not, and cutting out the doors were the ps3 and wii will be. here is the result sorry about the picture quality, my camera broke so all i have is my phone.

also does anybody know were to get the chrome base the cab sites on? And is there a way to make these photos any smaller they look fine on my computer but when uploaded to here they are really blown up and look all blurry thanks

ok thanks for the reply i will try that.
and yes the whole cab is made from 3/4" mdf. The side pieces are two 3/4 inch thick pieces put together, and i just used a circular saw to cut everything, using a jigsaw were i had two. and i just whent to that guy donovan myers page and downloaded the google sketch up file from his page. just use the original draft file and not his te one to make all the plans you need.

thanks :wonder:

keep posting up your progress, if it comes out nice, I might just try this myself.

Nice… keep it up. Can I have the blueprint of this? :slight_smile:

My old childhood friends and I are tackling this same project this weekend. Are you using Donovan’s plans?


wow, you are a very skilled crafts man, keep us updated with your progress

I think this might be the design being used: http://www.donovanmyers.com/2009/04/vewlix-tournament-edition-worklog-04/

Yeah, fatality mentioned that the designs used were donovan myers.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

if you download his google sketchup files theres 2 in there the regular draft and his 2 te arcade stick draft, i used the original draft one scence i am making one whole control panel.

Ok i just uploaded a video on youtube of the current process, i now have the cabinet doors attached. my youtube name is umk3humansmokeumk3 check it out.

Well done.


Brilliant! Massive amounts of respect for you to take this on and do it right! I can’t wait to see further progress and completed results!

Wow, nice work so far. Really want to see this when finished.

Keep up the great work!

Hey man. Yet another Vewlix cab project I’ve found in this forum. hehe.

I’m working on one myself. Just haven’t posted it here.

Anyway. To get the angles on the side pieces of the control panel box, and the large side pieces…I used a 45 degree carbide router bit. I don’t have a part number on hand, but I can get you one. To cut the angles on the front of the control panel…I had to use a table saw and just angled the blade to match.

Anyway. Keep up the good work man. Its looking great so far.

ya i thought it was a 45 degree just wanted to make sure, is it a half inch bit? when i look at the vewlix cabs the big side peice for the tv look to be a 45 degree angle but longer than a half inch wide if that makes scenes. And were do you have your cab posted? i would love to check it out. thanks i appreciate it.

I think its a 1/2" bit. I’ll have to look tomorrow when I go back to the garage.

Here’s my little cabinet project blog so far: http://gatsvewlix.wordpress.com