Fate/Unlimited Codes aka?


The latest game of Type-Moon Fate saga… and its actually a 3D fighting game for Arcade.


Development by Raizing (Bloody Roar) and Cavia.

“Fatal Fake” Arcade Edition?


Yeah, and released through Capcom no less.


I really hope that this game is Fatal Fake on Arcades, that game got a lot of potential.


Development by Raizing (Battle Garegga)


Development by Kaneko (Cyvern)


Development by Raizing (Armed Police BatRider)


Development by I don’t (Get it)


Development by Cave (Progear)


Looks interesting. Though I think that the only bad thing is that this might effectively kill any possibility that Type Moon will commission French Bread to make “Notorious Brand” a reality… :sad:

But whatever…if it would have Black Saber as a stylish “EX” to regular Saber, consider me sold. Also, any word on what arcade platform this is going to be on? The scan ain’t clear enough to say one thing or the other, and it would be a good indicator to show what console(s) this may eventually come to…


Well, Raizing rocks with his Shooters, but Bloody Roar is a “fighting title example” for SRK.

There are some rumours that this game runs on System 246 but its very vague.



…If that’s true…then PS2 port is pretty much confirmed, yet again…


Some on NeoGAF found cleaner scans:


why the hell did i get pictures of alyson hannigan the first time i clicked those links

i wanted to look at the scans but now i just dont care, brb





If this game is not Fatal Fake, Raizing is making a nice rip-off


why does the characters look so freakishly skinny and weird


Damn…not gonna judge until i play it…but if its good, my Saber is gonna beast on some fools. :lol:



Its official: This game IS Fatal Fake 2.




Some Fate/Unlimited Gameplay in there.

Looks cool.

And Rin a playable character. I am a personal fan of that decision.


Looks alright. If I get the chance will definitely give it a shot.


AOU 2008 Trailer