Fate: Unlimited Codes Portable

I’m not sure if anyone was aware, but The Magicbox news website just announced the release of a handheld version of Fate: Unlimited Codes for the PSP. If anyone is interested in playing their buddies on the go this looks import worthy. General release date is June 2009. Pretty spiffy.

Here’s a link with screens: http://www.the-magicbox.com/0902/game090216b.shtml

Good news: New costumes and a new “reflect dash” move
Bad news: Simplified controls…hrmmm hopefully you can switch this off or that might be a pretty huge neg. We’ll see.

Its already been mentioned in the F/UC thread. Simplified controls would be good news for any other game in the world. Its the only selling point this game has though. Outside anime.

Thanks for the tip, I got it in my head that since there wasn’t an thread for the psp version that Fate fans here mostly were unaware of it’s existance.

I see what you mean by the simplified controls working in favor for the game though, atleast from a sales perspective.

In any case I like the ps2 one so I may get this one as well.