Father kills son because he wants to play xbox games


This is just fucked up is so many ways


And of course Florida is related to this story :looney:


No words to describe how fucking terrible this shit is


Thought he killed his son because he (the son) wanted to play games. Then read the article and got even more sickened.


there is no way he’s NOT a post09er :wasted:


what a piece of shit.

whoever let this guy walk for his previous crimes is a piece of shit too.


Citrus county…So they are always fresh? This is…sigh just another day of dumbness…I find this to be false.

I thought 2nd degree murder was an unplanned killing? And 1st obviously planned and 3rd was man slaughter…which did I miss?


Keep telling y’all most of Florida’s crazies are usually imported from Cali (it’s called the land of fruits and nuts for a reason, people) and New York. First time THAT info’s finally been put into a report.


IIRC, isn’t Cali known for having the highest turn out of serial killers in the US?


From what I’ve read, New York leads, then California, then Florida (probably because the nuts from both those areas migrate here. Seriously, it’s like 4 out of 10 people here are from New “Yoh-wahk” and 2 out of 10 are from Cali).

Edit: updated as of 2013: California leads, then New York, then Illinois, then Florida.


Which xbox




Xbox fans in a nutshell.


Homosassa sounds like a place I won’t want to go



Only in Florida would people put video games b4 human beings.


Homossassa springs is a hole in the ground. Buncha country folk live there and the only places around to hang out are like hole in the wall family country restaurants, a couple walmarts, and a bowling alley. And a kmart. And a couple rv places. I travel a lot on my job.


No…that’s probably something you can chalk up to Florida 360 owners. A lot of 360 owners I met outside of Gamestop employees just seem to either be passive-aggressive assholes, or just ACT like passive-aggressive assholes. This shit actually happened to me last November at a 7-11.

Rhio: Excuse me,

Employee: Yes?

Rhio: Do you have any more PSN cards?

Employee: snarky smile, sudden, girlish cock of the head Nope, we’re out! goes back to wiping the counter with a gleeful smile

Rhio: (mentally)…what the fuck was THAT?! (out loud) Uhh, hey, you have a 360, right?

Employee: bigger smug smile, still looking down and wiping the same spot Yes, I DO!

Rhio: Ah. Well, have a good one. leaves

I looked back as the door shut to see the employee has stopped wiping the counter and is leaning on it with hands folded, giving me an evil-looking smile like “I sure showed HIM!”.

Had to be a 360: if it was the old one, he’d have just placed it on top of the tyke and let it crush him to death.


“Xbox, turn on”

“Xbox, kill my son”


You forgot step 2

“Xbox, disregard Prime Directive 2”


How did this guy walk for RAPE?

Poor baby. :frowning: