Father of the year,or what needs to happen when you are a ungrateful spoiled child

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lessonA 15-year-old puts up a Facebook post bashing her parents for making her work too hard, dad reacts by posting a video response to her grievances on her Facebook page.



I applaud this man for making a statement she will never forget.

That’s something missing in parenting today, he’s a saint. I just hope the prissy ass media doesn’t take this the entirely wrong way if it gets out.

I dont know what was more amazing: the fact that he actually put 10 rounds into his bitch daughter’s laptop or the casual ending of “have a good day y’all.”

“Oh by the way, you’re paying me back for these rounds. These are $1 a round.” That was pure gold.

damn, i need to get off work and see this. Damn you, youtube block!!!

ooc, anybody know how to get around youtube being blocked? Are there any sites that mirror to youtube, or get me past blocks?

“This one is from your mother.”

I am actually applauding right now.

If you’re not worried about network traffic.
Epic.org has several anonymous for redirects.
But traffic to epic.org will show up to your admin he will just not know what it is until he goes to check.
Admins are hella lazy.

oh im buddies with the sys admin here, it’s just that youtube was completely blocked for us, which sucks ass. He ain’t checking where we go, trust me, i’ve done some shady shit from my pc here at work

Isn’t it illegal to fire a gun like that in the open?

Not for men.

Poor girl has to gasp DO HER LAUNDRY!! I hope she learns her lesson though; when did doing chores become so difficult?-_-

With the chairs and everything i’m fairly sure it was his property.

Not if its privately owned property and in a controlled environment with the proper permits, etc. Which this gentleman probably has.

Big props go out to him. I applaud this man and his stance on parenting. If only everyone else had this approach to child-rearing…

… that’s all I got right now. No homo


This is how you discipline your kids, inb4 “LULZ if you don’t beat your 3 year old with a rusty pipe every time he/she cries you’re a doormat”.

lead pipe son, get it right.

Sounds like The Oldest Daughter. She just complains and complains about doing chores. She only gives The Wife problems though. She wont say shit to me, she’ll just do what I say. She fears my wrath and rightly so. Her chores are basically the same as the 15 year old girls but we do her laundry.

This man deserves an award.

PWNED bitch.

Better start looking for that job.

Holy shit. I would kiss the ground this man walks on for what he did. More people like this in the world ASAP!

i give this man respect knuckles