Father ordered to pay legal fees of his son's funeral protestors


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why the court of appeals turned it over is confusing as this isn’t a case about free speech but rather a case about emotional torture and assault.


These guys have been doing this for a long time. Westboro Baptist Church is a fucking joke.

Here’s another clip, it’s the only clip where I’ve agreed with Sean Hannity: [media=youtube]NKDTCgqYK1Y[/media]

Here’s a clip of them getting rick rolled: [media=youtube]iT7xQJrqUQ8&feature=related[/media]

And finally, there’s a group of guys who decided to block their protest by standing right in front of them. They’re called the patriot guard and they stand in front of them with American flags so no one can see their disgusting signs.



I think that the freedom of speech is greatly misunderstood. When the bill of rights was established, it was written so that the government would not punish the religious or political beliefs of other people, because in most of the world at that time, people did not have those freedoms. They wanted to protect the right to assemble and to speak freely in town hall meetings and such, I really doubt they ever intended to protect this kind of behavior. Even though these people have the freedom to practice their religion, they do not have the right to interfere with the religious beliefs of others. With the laws against defamation and slander in the United States I cannot see how the actions of this church can be protected. First off, religious beliefs encompass many parts of life, including burial rites and rituals, and this is clearly violates that right. Second, the funeral home that is handling the funeral is a business, and the practices of this group attack their clientele, and I can’t see how this can be allowed considering our current law. I will also state that I am no legal expert and if someone on SRK can tell me why the other laws do not apply to this situation, then I would like to hear it.


in case you guys haven’t noticed, the lame stream media has been steadily losing insane amounts of viewers over the past few months.
they probably told bill to kill that tired old man from the 50’s routine and actually say something that DOESN’T make people wana bash your head in.


I think you are merging Free Speech and Free Exercise into one idea. Free Speech does have boundaries if there is a competing substantial government interest. It also matters whether or not the speech is made in a public forum. If made in the private service, the speech is more likely to be allowed to be restricted. If they are out on the public street, that weighs in favor of the protesters.

Here is the text of the First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Establishment and Free Exercise clauses are more concerned with government action favoring or hurting a religion. I think because the Westboro church is not a government actor, the clause doesn’t necessarily protect the Snyder’s religious practices from being interfered with.

I’m pretty sure the funeral home could kick out all the protesters. Once the protesters are out on the street and not causing a safety hazard, I think they can’t be touched.


It’s times like this that you wish castration was a punishment that could be meted out by courts.


I like how the people from westboro baptist church are such blatant trolls but still somehow managed to get Bill O Reilly involved.


Despite what alot of people including myself think of alot of the things he says, he is a good guy overall. Dude is always helping people out and donating all types of shit. 100 percent of the money he makes off his site goes to charity.


This is very different from creating a public panic and faking the possibility of a major catastrophe like a bomb or a fire. I really don’t understand how you can’t see the difference.

That being said, I certainly do not condone this insanity. While I find it absolutely hilarious that they call him a hero for fighting in Iraq to secure corporate interests, I don’t consider his death funny in the least. Its quite a tragedy for someone to die doing that kind of thing. I’m a strong believer in complete and total free speech but picketing his funeral simply isn’t proper. Its one of those grey areas where I’m alright with the concept (it is, after all one of the facets of total free speech) but in practice its downright awful. Compromise is what’s needed.


100% of the “money” ie the “profit” ie what’s left over after he takes his cut and pays off his sexual harrasment suits.


seems to me like these westboro fucks are pulling a false flag op on freedom of speech. i don’t think any organized group, especially one calling themselves a church, would promote the (often seemingly meaningless while purposefully outrageously offensive) message these guys spout & display on their signs. seems to me like somebody wants to eliminate/limit freedom of speech, but they need a case outrageous enough to warrant it, so they hire this group to harrass the families of dead soldiers (among many other lesser “protests”, they seem to be upping the ante lately, though). that ought to do it, right? we’ll see. my intuition tells me no single group would actually believe/express all of these messages:


unless they were paid.


As much as I hate the WBC and the people that do stuff like this (e.g. Protesting at funerals, gay rights parades, abortion clinics, etc.) they are allowed to do it. The first amendment doesn’t allow for acts of free speech that may endanger the lives of other people (like yelling fire in a movie theater), but it does allow for public protest and gathering. Because these people aren’t actually harming anyone (at least not permanently or physically) they are within their right as citizens of this country.

I was more surprised at the upstanding act of kindness on O’Reilly’s part, after all the stuff he is usually connected with.


what really gets me is the sign “god blew up the shuttle” reffering to the space shuttle columbia. wtf do they have against NASA? makes me think they’re just saying the most outrageous things possible. i highly doubt they would use their (seemingly endless) resources to travel and protest events just for publicity. so why? i can see them being anti military and anti gay, but anti space shuttle? this just doesn’t fit and it makes me question their key motives in protesting, which is now looking to be to serve as a catalyst for the end of free speech.


they’re anti-government, and everything and anyone to do with the government.


The WBC is notorious for it’s completely absurd views and seemingly endless ability to touch a nerve on the entirety of the American populace. There is a sign in another one of those pictures thanking God for 911. Why they would take that stance, is obviously unknown to any of us sane human beings, and yet they still do.

The WBC works like a cult more than a church. They don’t allow outsiders in, they don’t believe in any form of salvation, they are hypocritical (by which I mean they protest with these anti-American signs when they live in this country and use it’s freedoms for their hateful messages) and they don’t care about anyone.


if people like this showed up at a funeral for one of my family members
their would be a huge fuckin brawl

my family wouldnt stand for shit like this
there would be signs sticking out their asses when they walked away

their should be nationwide laws against shit like this

i believe in god but these people are fuckin bat shit insane


I see, well thank you for the clarification, that really helped.


I’m a christian, and I believe that Homosexuality is wrong. But even if the soldier is gay, he went to war for his country, so respect should be shown as his funeral, and consideration taken for that time of grief for his family.

Maybe i’m phrasing it the wrong way, but it gives Christianity a bad name when some take it to that extent. SMH.


their whole angle is that they believe god is punishing america as a whole because we are too accepting of “the gay”

edit: that’s just the thing cobra, the soldiers in question aren’t even necessarily gay, they are just protesting saying that god killed them because the country is too accepting of gays. i mean these fuckers go around saying shit like “thank god for 9/11, thank god for ied’s” it’s fucking dispicable(as is my spelling of the word apparently…).


i could see that, but i’d also like to know where a small kansas church that doesn’t allow new members is getting enough money to CONSTANTLY tour the US & Canada to promote their message.