Father shoots intruder hiding under daughters bed



I really can’t get but so upset at the dad. He didn’t have to kill the kid, but since the daughter lied about knowing the boy, the dad really didn’t know why he was in their house, let alone in her bedroom.



Somehow when reading this sad turn of events I was thinking this.


****The father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not know McCormick

The father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not know McCormick

The father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not know McCormick

[bThe father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not know McCormick******

It’s a shame that a boy had to die, because a girl couldn’t take responsibility for her colassal fuck up, and couldn’t admit to her father that she wanted the D.

And I don’t blame the dad, what logical parent wouldn’t take the word of his child over that of a stranger.

Alas, this is going to turn into some anti-gun bullshit thread.


There are a few unknown critical details of the story like if there was any physical altercation during the argument, why the kid didn’t just run out of the house, what prompted the dad to get his gun if he already called 911, etc so passing judgment is a little premature. That being said it was a very selfish and bitchmade move to lie about not knowing the boy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if a girl claims a random intruder is in her room the dad will lose his shit, what did she think was going to happen after she said that? Did she think her dad would be cool with it? I mean there is the possibility that she had no idea how her dad would react, but that is highly unlikely, she knew exactly whats he was doing and she didn’t care she threw him under the bus to save her own ass at that moment. Don’t give me that “hindsight is 20/20” excuse, it’s a really simple thing to intuit that most dads don’t like react calmly or favorably to unknown men in their daughters room’s.

I’m not really sure she should be charged with anything, hell I’m not really sure the dad should be charged too, I mean if your daughter claims not to know a man who is in her room would you honestly think about what to do or just impulsively act to defend your daughter? It’s kind of like can you really blame Walt for the air plane situation or was it just an unfortunate run of bad luck?

Oh and as soon as I read the thread title, before even clicking it we all knew it would be a Texas or Florida story.


this is the girls fault


His daughter must feel like shit right about now.


If I had to point fingers at anyone it would be the daughter. The dad’s simply protecting his household from an unknown intruder that was in his 16-year old daughter’s bedroom, doing who-knows-what. He had every right to be angry. It was a bad decision on the girl’s part to let the dude in her room, and even more so for her to lie about her relationship with him.

I’m just salty that people in the comments’ section are talking about the dad committing murder and all that. I wasn’t aware that shooting a potentially dangerous intruder in your own home (out of self defense) was considered murder.


At least the kid went out with a bang(or 2).


Victim’s family should file a wrongful death suit against the daughter.


The daughter is the 1 at fault here, no one else.


This is a complicated case.

Even though the daughter did invite the boy in, she is a minor and it is not her property. Legally speaking you could probably argue for trespassing.

And while yes, the girl’s lie did influence her father’s perception of the situation, she’s ultimately not the one who pulled the trigger. If someone told you a lie and it led to you killing someone else you’re still responsible for your actions.


It already doesn’t make sense, if some dude was really in her room that she DID not know, she woulda screamed or etc if he was really an intruder. So she’s an complete ASS for trying to pull that bs lie, but as OZ said, we don’t know if there was a fight or anything. If I was the dude, I would said I’m her bf or etc, or just got the hell up outta there.

But hopefully an updated story comes out with more details, but they are kinda making it seem like “Dad walks in and sees dude in daughters room, pops him without question” but damn. Just damn.


The father shouldn’t be charged for acting on instinct to protect his daughter from a lie she made.

I can understand that it was still murder and that he will he get time, but then fault is 100% on her.


Welp. Girl gets caught, lies, boy tries to plead his case, girl keeps lying, father calls cops, boy gets scared out of his fucking mind and does something dumb, father (not in the right frame of mind, no thanks to all the lying going on) gets gun, boy gets even more scared and made too many sudden movements, father pulled trigger.

Was it said how tall and how big the boy was compared to the father? If the father was bigger he could have settled for simply whooping the guy’s ass, but everyone relies on guns now and it instills you with a sense of false confidence, except the consequences are infinitely more permanent than potential broken bones. In any case, As much as I feel bad for the father being manipulated like that blame needs to be assessed for all parties. Still, the girl escalated the situation by lying in the first place and the situation snowballed. Had she not lied I’m fairly certain the father would have just told the boy to get the fuck up out his house and that would have been the end of that.


This thread title needs work.


If he hears that a strange man appeared in his daughter’s room, his first thought isn’t to get mad at his daughter for sneaking a guy in there. No his first thought is to protect his family. Then again, shooting him wasn’t necessary. He already called the cops so all he needed to do was at least restrain the boy till the cops came.



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Her dad probably went SSJ3 (which is expected) when he found the boy in his daughter’s bedroom which probably made the girl panic because she got caught and didn’t know what to do. So… she lied and got her boyfriend killed. SMH, bitches these days - but I wont let her take all the blame because she didn’t pull the trigger.


or… You got 10 seconds nigga. 1, 2, 10!

You could have at least given the dude a chance, dad.


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