Fatties...or TERRORISTS!


knowing nod

I’m amazed…

… that this isn’t a Fox new article.

a man can’t live on skittles and french fries.

Funny thread title, but it makes sense.

Now my question is, when is the government going to start locking up parents for sitting their kids in front of the TV with whatever the kids want to eat? My aunt used to sit my cousin in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream, and now wonders why he’s overweight.

This is more of a problem than the school lunch program is.

Hmmm… A dilemma. I realize that fat kids are a huge problem (no pun intended) and something needs to be done. At the same time, I’m not sure if I should be even more worried that certain powerful leaders see children as nothing more than meatbags meant to hold a rifle and charge enemy lines. If that’s your main qualm with childhood obesity (aside from, y’know, their health ad well-being) then you are truly one sick son of a bitch.

lower the price of playing sports, or even better, make it tax deductable

Seriously, it’s fucking insane that it costs so much for a kid to play sports these days.

playing sports isn’t expensive at all and most leagues are run by charitable organizations with sponsors anyway.

Seriously. Playing most sports is FREE.

Main reason why I never gave tennis a shot growing up. I can’t even imagine how much it would cost to play little league football (aside from the fact that children shouldn’t be playing little league football since its about as safe as slamming your head against a wall). This is definitely something that is a long time coming. Jamie Oliver has been campaigning for it in England for years now; now he is sporting the Food Revolution TV show which can shows some of the absurdities of modern system.

Has a lot to do with the ignorance of what “healthy food” is as well.

Sport isn’t expensive, unless you paying for like “special trainers” so your kid can go pro or something.

Why you think Soccer is the world sport? Cause it easy and convenient. Find a ball, some land then proceed to run around kicking it.

I think that transfat - hydrogenated oils are probably one of the worst possible things that people consume all of the time. It clogs your arteries and then basically makes you a fat ass in other ways. I’ll rarely eat anything if I can’t read its ingredients anymore because it’s in so many things. Pop is also horrible - and more so because it just lowers your testosterone. I think these two things are some of the largest factors that attribute to fattyness and bad health later in life. Then of course there is the being lazy as shit part.

Believe me - I’ve lost more than sixty pounds by watching what I eat and stop drinking pop almost entirely. I really didn’t give a shit about doing this about a year and a half ago. It’s not that hard and you’ll feel better for it. This is especially true if you have any physical problems.

This is so true. People think peanut butter is good for you, which it is, but then we have “JIF” which supposedly “choosy moms choose”. More like unfit moms. That bullshit is full of fully hydrogenated oil. I found some in the cabinet and threw it away. I get Smuckers now.

I’m not even a health expert. I’ve pretty lenient with a diet, I just stay away from shit.

Damn pop is that bad? I don’t drink too much, but I’ve always bee struggling to just be average weight. (I am under weight)

Then again I don’t eat much American food (burgers, hot dogs, chip and things of that sort.)

Vietnamese food FTW. Everything basically have some sort of fresh green involved.

i dunno if it changed alot but growing up i couldnt play sports for basically 2 reasons.

1.we didnt know the white parents so no ride…my mom was a nurse wit ass hours. shit like 4pm-11pm

  1. couldnt afford equip.

has kids sports changed that much that equip is free?

I dont know how it is in Mass…but, growing up in NYC (qb projects) i know for a fact you dont need money to play sports.

Basketball = As long as someone has a ball youre good.
Football = Pretty much the same
Soccer = Same
Boxing = is pretty damn cheap too…

the only sport that really costs some money to play is baseball. But even then stick ball was were its at.

Sports is only expensive if youre doing some kind of AU wreck league or something. other than that?? Yea…im calling BS about it being expensive. Kids are just too lazy.

It’s not “that bad” but it’s the fact that people drink too much, and too little water. I love Coke, but it’s a waste of calories. A few years ago I felt like shit because I wouldn’t do anything and had a bad diet. I drank around a two liter of pop a day. It’s been hard to do much of anything with my disability, but it’s not that hard when you try. It was seriously even hard to think much in those years. I eat broccoli to keep my testosterone up and I work out.

Well, that stuff is pretty good tasting, but there is a lot of a BS going around. Like McDonald’s transfat on a bun. Many fries are fried in bad oil. Chicken and fish is where its at, and even though the burger is good, and it isn’t that bad occasionally (the ones that are real beef - not transfat), you don’t want to eat too much fat like that. It will matter more later in life, but it’s a good thing to practice restraint.

I stay away from excess sodium as well, as I’m sure that’s not too good for you.

I haven’t really had it. I like asian food much better now - I used to not like it at all.

If you talking about like AAU and what not then yes it can be expensive.

We just talking about kids being at home watching T.V from the time they get out of school to dinner time. That 3:30 PM- 7:00 PM time slot.

I see it in my little cousin all the time. They go home from school and then straight to their Disney channel shit. When I was young that time slot was basketball, football, park, soccer, swimming, whatever.

When I was in school, they had a pretty healthy selection. Getting lunch was just like getting anything else, if you chose to eat the bad shit, then that was all on you. I love how people try to blame someone else for their fuckups.

Yeah these healty food in school campains do a fat load of good when the kids parents go and get them stuff from the local chippy and pass them through the school gates whilst wondering why little timmy is rapidly becomeing big timmy in the horizontal sense and when the older kids easily sneak of of school during lunchtimes to go to the local fast food places.

For a second, I was about to have to provide a beat down for hating on peanut butter. Gotta get that all natural peanut butter. Delicious.