FAU Student attacks students and threatens to kill teacher on tape!

This is just too much… i don’t even… why would she… Smh.
(btw sorry the preview for the video isnt working atm.)


(I tried to find a scene from escape to chimp eden about how one of the monkeys literally acted with the same swinging and bobbing motions as the girl in the above video lmao. the monkey was throwing a tantrum also.) (Not intended to be considered racist, just a coincidence in similar body motions to be considered funny. which it is.)

she whips her hair back and forth.

Who would have guessed that it was one of these fake ass lil wayne wanna be “studs” running around here like they got the power to ejaculate from their clitoris.

That went through my head also. lol

I would have bet money on the same guess.

Real talk, somebody should have slap the shit out that stupid bitch!

Damn, I wonder if she was actually paying for that education she just threw away?

Yeah if you read the description to the video, it says she got tazed after being escorting out of the room because she wouldnt stop. They’ll let anybody in school nowadays…

what a faul ass bitch

I’m sure if the white student she hit on the head knocked the fuck out of her, no one would have complained.

Police report.

We discussed this yesterday already…