Faulty wire- Fixable or just buy a new one

I have a hori ex 2, i know crappy but it’s my first fightstick and i was on a budget. So I’ve had the ex 2 for about 5 months and just recently the wire that connects the fightstick to the 360 crapped out on me. It only works if i have the wire in-between the fightstick and my leg. Im not sure what caused this and it just happened out of the blue. The problem is in the beginning of the wire but i dont know how to fix it. Also just my luck, this happens when im on a budget again. Is it possible to fix the wire or do i have to buy a new stick. If i do, can you suggest a stick that cost around 100-125.

TL;DR- My ex 2 wire is fucked up how do i fix it and if i cant suggest a new fightstick around $100

You have pictures?

You can watch this video by Nerrage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUi7BOmkaUM

You can also try this: Tutorial: Detachable Hrap-EX/360 fightsticks, cheap remedy broken cord