Faust guru; ask questions here

ok I dot consider myself he best faust player in the world but I know pretty much every matchup with him and have been solidly playing him from the begining.So if anyone has any questions as to how to use him,good/bad matches,techhnique…ect, jus lay it down

Ok, I’m trying to learn Faust.

I go c.K, c.HS, qcf S, (F)RC, s.K, j.k but then they always are able to air recover before that kick hits them, IIRC I should be able to kick them, then kick them again then slash, then hard slash. What am i doing wrong?

well first of all you know that the c.k, prorates the damage rite?(use s.sx2 s.HS pogo(f)rc.But anyway you have to dash up after the frc do standing kick,hold up and as soon as he jumps do j.k(while nuetral on the controller)then tap up and dj.k again and then either dj.s or dj.p into hard slash.Really if you want you can just do k-s-hs without the double jump, it has better success than altering into p os s after the second kick to hit the hardslash.
tip-if you land a c.k either go into hs,c.DxxJC air bomb,so they wake up in the bomb for free presure,or just do FDC glitch stuff
hope this helps?