Fav. KoF character poll from SNK USA

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Tizoc, I like Vanessa, but Tizoc…
…and damn Mai is…

Terry will always be the man.

lmao terry is gonna dominate this so hard

Actually, 'K’s runnin shit on here.

Iori close behind.

From what i see, its:

K’ - 125
Iori - 114

With others kinda distant.



Voted for Mai.

go fanbois

It makes me rather ill how Iori has way more votes than Kyo, but it doesn’t surprise me. What surprised me is how popular K` is here.

Voted for Leona.

the problem with that poll is that one fanboy can vote an infinite times on the same char

Yeah, asking you to not vote multiple times, and writing a script that doesn’t allow you to vote multiple times gets different results.

On that note I’ll be voting once every 5 minutes for Eiji, Griffon, Mr. Big, Krauser, and Adel.

Just before I wanted to click on Krizalid I spotted Geese…

“Predictable!” counter


Hell, I’m gay and I voted for Mai. Nobody can resist the gravitational powers of those… hemispheres.

…good call. Me Bouncy FTW! This PHP voting system is wonky

  1. Who is “Pao?” :wink:

  2. I voted K9999 - you know you want to put him back in, SNKP! Hmm, that reminds me, I should vote for Foxy next…

O.Yashiro for the win!!

did raiden/big bear never appear in a KOF game? that’s madness! I want to vote for him.

ToyRobotTerror: your av rocks!

Kensou ftw.

Shingoooooooooo Kick!!!

Can’t seem to vote more than once anymore.

Mai’s still leading the charge, with Iori, K’, Kula, and Terry bringing up the rear.

voted shingo

hahahaha combined team usa has 4 votes

Same here! If SNK could only be known for one thing, it would be Mai. :woot: