Fav not very well known video game females

Sure everyone knows princess peach, sure everyone knows samus, everyone knows Tifa, and lara croft. Here are some of my fav females who are pretty powerful and or just very smart. Alena from dragon quest 4. She is a complete tom boy, doesnt listen to her father which is a king. She leaves the castle to fight monsters, and even wins a fighting tournament by her self. She does a lot of damage to enemies make her one of the best characters in the game

Jade from beyond good and evil. She is very smart, maybe to smart and she fights soliders and aliens only with her staff. A lot of virgins didnt like her cause she wasnt anything like most other females at the time, she wasnt trying to be sexy.

Noa from legend of legaia. Sure she isnt the smartest female ever. Though thats not her fault, she was alone by her self only with a Ra-seru to talk to. Other then that she was living in the mountain with no human contact and as no idea how people act on the out side world. So some people think she acts to much like a kid, well have your parents die, then get stranded in a mountain with no human contact and tell me how well you would do. She always tries to see the positive side of things, even when her brother turns evil.

Alexandra Roivas. Do I even have to explain how much of a badass she has to become to fight evil its self. Not many fanboys will like this character, like Jade she isnt trying to be sexy, just uncover secrets about her grandfather and in the last battle with evil its self she doesnt even back down.

lulz i like how the justification for people not liking Jade HAS to be that they were virgins. :rofl: It couldn’t possibly be that the game just didn’t sell very well so they have no idea who the fuck she is.

Anyway not very well known females that I like…hmm…I liked Ellen from Folklore. Good character development. SHe starts out pretty timmid and by the end of the game is dropping building sized monsters. Pretty dope.

Prier from La Pucelle was pretty hilarious.

Yea that’s all i got for the moment.

Chun li

joking aside, ya she was over looked by other half naked females. And how the fuck is chun li not very well known?

Pupa from Rage of the Dragons. Because, in addition to being adorable, she can beat the fuck out of you with a giant goddamned wrench.

Tsugumi from Ever17

No clue why. Probably the strange feeling of watching the main character be raped and murdered at the same time confused me enough to like this character.

Your mom doesnt know who chun li is faggot.

Many video game female characters are cliche. You have your damsel in distress character and your half naked sex appeal character If there’s any female character I would say is most original to me is Aika from skies of arcadia.

And well i’m sure alot of people know amy rose and she did start out originally as a damsel in distress but I just like her qurkiness…not in all games though.


Fuck I got off on the wrong foot. I meant to say Cammy

So wait it’s the sexy females who over look Jade? I’m so confuzzled.

Carley - The Walking Dead Game

I know every female character mentioned so far and I didn’t even play some of the games that involved them.

Thread sucks.

Is she well known?

Title is funny again, in comparison to your opening post you took more time on.

Whatchu know about Elena x Ibuki

With that Morrigan-like Alternate costume



I don’t, but that’s not the point I was making with my original post.

Your AV makes you look like a pedo.

I still donno how people not knowing who Jade is makes them a Virgin.

Topic lacks Shinobu (No More Heroes 1 & 2).



Heart BoobsMaya from Persona 2 series is cool, but nobody cares about SMT outside of Persona 3 and 4. Well, I won’t get too grumpy since they did help give the series more attention.



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