Fave threads never die: Favorite pre-match taunt?

New question…

What is your favorite pre-match taunt/personal action/etc? Something like Ryu putting on his gloves then tightening his head band in the Alpha series. Character actions/dialogues all count i guess, including charater specific ones (like Kyo and Iori).

Unfortunately, i may have stumped myself on this question, there are some real good ones out there…but my fave may be Geese and M. Bison(hat/cape) from CVS 1 and 2. Geese throws a double Rempuken and knocks off Bison’s cape. Bison laughs and Geese says ‘C’mon!’. Two cool ass bosses about to get down, tough to beat.

Some honorable mentions:

M. Bison and Rugal (CVS1 and 2)
usually Rugal just talks some shit then sends his panther away before the fight, but the panther stops and growls ONLY at Bison. Bison rules.

Ken and Terry (CVS 1 and 2)
Ken picks up Terry’s hat and throws it to Terry who puts it on. Theres was always something about these two guys, and them finally meeting was handled great.

Dudley (SF3)
“Let’s fight like gentleman.”

Spider-Man (Marvel series)
“Spider-sense is tingling!” :clap:

Little kids run away from Q before he fights. Even little kids and their amusing little dog know that Q is too big and bad of a sumbitch to mess around with. That is vicious, my friends. Kickass and vicious.

My favs:

Bloody Roar:

Uranus: She sits in midair floating with her legs crossed, gives an evil smile, then uncrosses her legs and floats in midair while charging up electricity
Cronos: he has this one cool pose where he stands still with his hand over his face glaring at his opponent while grinning, and he then yells “You’ll NEVER defeat me!” and gets in fighting stance as gold energy flows thru his hands.
He also has another one where he stands looking at his opponent, takes a bow, spins around then gets into fighting stance while saying “Let’s get it on!”


Anna Williams in T5, when she’s all gesturing and going "Come over here, let me talk to ya real close!"
Bryan Fury and his insane laughter
Devil Jin and his “Feel the wrath of God!” talk
Hwoarang and his rubbing his head while saying "Yeah yeah shut up already…"
Lee putting on his gloves and saying “Come on!” in that Chinese accent

Ralph drinking that whole 40 ounce then tossing it aside to get ready to fight
Igniz giving his speech before his hood flies off his head and those “angelic” sounds can be heard
Angel, when she does that pose like the Rock and I believe she says “Can you smell what the Angel is cooking?” or something like that
Shen Wu and his “smashing crabs in his bare hands” pose

Street Fighter:
Bison’s classic toss his cape away pose
Gen and Akuma’s special intro together where they manage to block each other’s deadliest supers like they are nothing

Jedah’s “Coming of the Dark Messiah” theme music as he floats down from the sky, as well as his using his scythe to break thru the empty air like glass and materilize pose
Jon Talbain’s appearing in human form then beastorization before the fight

no ones going to mention uriens?

The Ken/Terry one is one of my favorites… i’m also very fond of the Vega/Blanka one.

This is also one of my favorites since I’m one of rare Q users.

COTA Sentinel, COTA psylocke

when terry throws his hat classic win pose :slight_smile:

Nothing beats Sean hitting his opponent with a basketball before the match.

I always thought it meant Q was a pedo… lol

My favs…

Duds: “You… have NO DIGNITY!!”

Rolento vs Biki in CvS 2: Rolento throws the knife and she smacks it away.

Probably my most favorite -

Terry vs Yama in CvS 2: Yama throws the knife by Terry’s feet and he breaks it with his fist, then they just shake wither anger… too dope.

^^I always thought their was something funny about those kids running away from Q too, haha.

Alex vs Hugo in 3s. ‘biggest chest wins’

fighting akuma in ST. last boss gets wasted in a second off some mystery guy with no name and no portrait, far too cool.

Pai’s growl in VF4
Karin’s laugh in A3

cvs2 had a lot of great pre-match taunts. besides ken/terry, geese/bison I like ult. rugals where he just tosses akuma aside like hes nothing. the gief/raiden one was amusing. I just wish it was haggar instead.
MvC2 jin just walks in,I dont know, its cool. seeing as how hes in constant crazy mode.


so hot.

Ryu/Ken SFA3 noogie.

geese and and terry’s opening cvs2 “GEEEEEEESE!” too good.

I will paint my house…with your bra.

  • Ralf vs. Clark (KOF '98): CROSS CHANGER! The silly Power Ranger poses and the DM “sparks” just make it too good.

  • Andy vs. Mai (KOF 2001): Mai produces a baby, which starts crawling towards Andy. Andy has the funniest “WTF?” face ever as the baby gaggles “Papa!”. The baby eventually vanishes, as Mai laughs. Andy literally has to BITCH SLAP himself back to his senses! :clap:

  • Gill’s tight Third Strike intro. “The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA!”

  • Sol Badguy vs. I-No (GG XX - Story Mode ONLY): Sol gets the most fucking gruesome beatdown of his life by I-No, gets up, and gives I-No the finger! That was just too fuckin’ good! :tup:

WHAT?! No one has mentioned the best intro ever?

3S Necro! “Sorry I’m late!” that’s to fucking awesome.

  • Gill’s tight Third Strike intro. “The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA!”

I always thought it was the mark of my diety shalls car thy dna