Favor Needed: Smooth Cat Frame Data Scans

does anyone have this? if they do, would you please do me a huge favor and burn it on a CD-R and send it through mail? Please PM me if you can.

As some of you know, my computer is no longer working and I am going on from random resources(library, friends house, etc.) If you need money for postage, labor, or whatever i’ll pay for it if you want. Would someone be kind enough to do this please? :tup: I think Athothex was going to do this for me but he vanished or something…not responding to PMs. Where you at man?

o hey sorry i havent had time yet
wasnt home this weekend
umm mebbe sometime this week…

why don’t you just ask Smoothcat with PM?

Don’t know.

The matter will be taken care of. Thanks athothex!