Favorite 3S players...overall

My boy Chikyuu, he got himself a killer Twelve. He rarely uses his special moves and ya never knwo what he’ll do next. Chikyuu taught me the beginner combos like EX NDL into NDL or XNDL and that shit.

Fujiwara. for obvious reasons.

i also like watching Boss (Yang) and J (Makoto). Daigo is always entertaining.

as far as US players go, i like watching Frankie3s’s Denjin Ryu. oh. and VictoLy’s Dudley.

I like K.O., Vic Vance, Daigo, Fujiwara, and RX the most.

Riki, TK, Taro, and any other Q player who can compete in high level tournaments. That is just badass.


Uhhh, chikyuu builds bar so he can use his ex specials. In my vids its practically most of his game, He jumps and attacks to build bar then does ex tentacles… is this just the vids I have or?

RX. charge partition urien ownS YOU !

he is such a whale…



Im my favorite 3s player.:cool:




cheymaru (does he still play?? haven’t seen anything from him for some reason in a while) J, izu, haha I love makato yay

RX, Tokido, Fujiwara, any Q or Remy players.

Another regional based question

Rayblade X, LTB and Apoc mostly

Id like to see Ricky play though.

Boss and K.O.

Frankie3s and Daigo - the best Ryu and Ken

EVERDREAD gets my thumbs up, other than Chun Li, and that Akuma fight :lol:

red, aruka, and shao for obvious reasons.

justin wong, flash g, for the local scene ndw13 ZAR has the best elena and twelve i’ve seen in america.

178, cus when he plays he actually makes dudley look like a boxer, not just a street fighter character. deshiken is my fave japanese ken, and takami (sp?) is my fave chun.

was it mester’s yun that was doing the all ground genie jin in sbo2? cus whoever it was that’s my fave yun.

fave remy would be EXE and yokoyama… they win sometimes lol

fave ibuki is RED’s ibuki, fave urien is RX. his urien was better than tokido’s while he still played but no one knew of him cus tokido was the guy all the hype was about. ushi!? gets a close second place.

ANY japanese necro (it has to be electric snake)

RX is insane with Urien. I also like any good Necro players. :slight_smile:

I thought it was Roshihikari??

Oh well, he’s my favorite to.

KSK is the shit also.

And you got to give it up for Streak and SlimX just because