Favorite 3S Site

which one is your fave?

evil ken’s site (http://www.freewebs.com/ryus_temple/)




www.shoryuken.com -this one is a given

www.gamefaqs.com under the dreamcast section on the top 10 message boards list.

post up reasons why u choose one over another.

it’d be mine, but i don’t want to do it yet :smiley: :lol:

yo exodus, i wanna go to that tourny in chicago, but i dont have a place to crash… can u hook me up PLZ i’ll be your friend forever, plus u can watch me scrub it up with remy.:smiley:

lol everdred – i live i MD – how am i supposed to do that :lol:

dernit my sean and remy wont ever make it to a major.

drinks a beer

Keep drinking fool


Streak beat me up and made me vote for his site.


u, me and art and whoever else wants to come should play this weekend at my dorm dude, i got the 40 inch tv up on the main lounge and i’ll buy the beer…

beer and third strike…

i voted for shoryuken forums cus the discussions on certain things can be very informative, karathrow wins on new media… i wish they had there movies done in realtime player instead of movie player tho… john u know how bad my mac owns me:(

who the hell voted for gamefaqs?!

:lol: (it wasn’t me, i swear, i just thought that was funny). hey everdred, you must have a fucking amazing dorm if you have a 40 inch tv there!

its ok but the lounge in my dorm closes at 11pm every night so i cant have any late night 3am 3s practice sessions

hey, Everdread,



dojo, like a place where you randori

not dogo, like the sexual position.


PS- it’s the greatest site in the history of man :confused:

Where is the option for http://www.game-newton.co.jp ?

opps big typo on my part i will fix it, i feel so stupid jeez i should have gotten that right the first place, sorry about that.

yo, is karathrow down or something? I cant get in.

its a hassle to download vids using that bit torrent crap, i use a mac, i’m able to download like most movies with no probably(sans codec 9 windows media player)

i download the disk image of the bit torrent for mac but it says to me, "buttorrent_OSX_3.3.dmg"failed o mount due to error 95.(no mountable fiel systems)

does anyone have a normal file mirror for that ff vs tx, i wanna bite off some third strike strats.

That’s weird, I’m using a Mac and have no problems with bit torrent. I only have problems with AVI files as divx seems to kill my system during installation. I normally just download then with the mac and then watch them in my laptop

400 + people have downloading using bt from us. it’s the only way that we can host 90-100 mb files, bringing you the quality that you deserve, without crashing within 2 hours. other american sites that have been hosting match vids have had a problem with this, as you know. 3s fans are match vid junkies! At any rate you NEED to get hold of the FF vs. TX matches, they are hilarious. www.bustkaratedojo.net

see this thread is useful, what other thread can u SHAMELESSLY promote your AWESOME web site without throwing it in some unsuspecting SRK forum goer’s face?

keep up the good work

dude… i want that vid but bit torrent wont work on my mac… its retarded i know. does anyone have a file mirror of it?

The funny part is that pimping a site on SRK is small change on bandwidth compared to what happens when a link shows up on http://www.sftchina.com/ or any other major chinese streetfighter site for that matter. Speaking of which, why isn’t http://bbs.sftchina.com/ on the list?

You might try getting on go-for-broke and asking some of the video connoisseurs there for our vids.

P.S. On a side note, more people have visited our site using the dreamcast browser than using a mac. Check out the attachment.