Favorite Akuma color



Obviously everyone likes the extra colors, so I’m not really interested in that. Just wanted to know what colors you guys like using the best. I am personally all about jab/default :tup:


I use red one usually (start +MK), and sometimes dark blue, purple or white(start+HP)…


Strong for me. If it’s already taken, it’s a toss between Forward and Roundhouse.


grey gouki ftw.




. Every other color gets whor’d.


Fierce, i always try to pick blue (i play mp Alex, mp Yang, mp Ken, extra Ryu)


strong for me… i believe thats the color of shin akuma in 2nd impact… using akuma in that color makes me feel im using a shin akuma.


roundhouse, i feel like im daigo ken :tup:


Short love.


I don’t really like any of akuma’s outfits so I press whatever button I want to. :lol:


I’ve taken a liking to the strong and forward colors. Although the white is still my secondary.


I mainly use Match color, tho switch it up with uraken and nomoto color, the latter is really growing on me lately.

occasionally I will use default.

Ive pretty much made it a habit to use the color of my player influences. Nuki chun boss mak etc. etc.


Grey for sure. Old, wise Akuma. If not then white. Metrosexual Akuma


Pherai’s Super Saiyan Akuma color on his old avatar.


I must see this.

EDIT: I NEED to see this.


It’d be funny if he still has it, considering I haven’t seen it since 2006. lmao


Thought it was on my palette site, but unfortunately, wasn’t :confused:


Standard colours, Strong (Light grey) Akuma
Extra Colourset 1 - Teal Akuma (Strong)
Extra Colourset 2 - Lavender Akuma (again, Strong)


on a sidenote, what the hell is his short color?

some type of green?


oh I still have it, but I had to do some digging.

looking at it now just makes me that much more sad that color doesn’t actually exist :frowning: