Favorite background stage?

What are your favorite fighting game background stages of all time?

  1. Ken’s Street Fighter 2 stage with the boat
  2. KOF 98 streets of Tokyo with cars going by.

M. Bison (Jap. Vega) stage and Ken stage (both from SF2)

Carnival Nights ( MvC 2 )

so colorful, awesome graphics, i love thats its in a carnival, and yes, i swear to god, i love the fucking music on this level.


Some in no particular order…
-Testament’s GGX2 stage. (good lighting effects)
-Cammy’s SSF2 stage. (beautiful for its time)
-Wolf’s VF4 stage. (realistic looking)
-Mitsurigi’s and Taki’s SC2 stage. (again… beautiful)

Now that was jus for looks. As for music, I have plenty. I’ll list some…

Fei long: SSF2
Cammy: SSF2
Alex and Ken: SF3
Sol: GGX2
Kliff: GGX2
Dat bald-headed chinese dude: VF4
Jago: KI2

Yun/Yang - 3rd strike
dudley - 3rd Strike
Hugo - 2nd Impact
subway station - MK3
Pit 2 - MK2
Guile - sf2

Balrog’s Stage! All The way Baby!

Cassandra’s Stage - SC2
Talim’s Stage - SC2
Windmill Stage - CvS2
Guile’s Stage - SF2
Yun’s Stage - SFIII:3S
The Wrestling Ring with electricity ropes - World Heroes

Pit Bottom- MK series
Pit- MK series
Fight club basement stage- Tekken 4
Forest- MK2
Balrog(Bison)- SF2

I do belive this has been done allready, never the less!

  1. Oska rooftop dojo (cvsnk2)
  2. Austrailia ( sfzero2)
  3. Basara (ss3)
  4. Gaira (ss3)
  5. Genjuro (ss3)
  6. Sokaku (rb2)
  7. Geese (cvsnk1)
  8. Akira (vf4 evo)
  9. Yoshimitsu (tekken 2)
  10. Genjuro and hanzo ( ss2)

The two Alpha 2 hidden stages.

The Waterfall and the one where Ryu and Sagat fight in the first movie.

KoF 2002 - Cambodia Stage
KoF 2003 - Chizuru’s Mirror Stage
CvS1 - Morrigan’s Castle
SFIII - Ibuki’s stage
MvC2 - Cavern stage


Womb of God(?) Jedah’s stage. (Vampire Savior)

hell yeah those 2

hmm…i’d have to go with any stage in pocket fighter…particularly gen’s restaurant…those were pimp as fuck!..they kick ass…AND they’re cute’…

…o…and i’ve got a question about the clock stage in MvC2…if the time set on your consoler is rite…does the clock so that actual time?..i hope that made sense…

Close, it’s Fetus of God.

cvs2 ultimate rugal or shin akuma boss level

  1. Ryu’s SFA2 stage
  2. Shin-akuma Osaka CVS2 final boss stage
  3. Xianghua’s SC2 stage
  4. Ryu vs. Sagat Alpha 2 anime movie stage
  5. Tekken 4 roof top night stage with statues:eek:

elena background in SF3 NG and 2I. that was just beautiful. (fi you play with ryu against elena on NG you can sometimes see SF1 Joe and Adon duking it out :D) . alot of the backgrounds in those games were beautiful, as were the ones in SFA2. SFA3 had some decent ones, but not quite as good as A2 IMO. ST had some really nice ones too, cammy, deejay, guile.

oh and lets not forget some of the most beautiful backgrounds come from snk games. backgrounds from LB1/2, are masterclasses. snk sure have loads of nice backgrounds too.

Ryu Stage of Street Fighter 2 World Warriors!!

is the best :cool:

Sagat’s Thailand stage from SF2.

Gotta love the music too.