Favorite/Best "Gal" Fighter

Just wondering what everyone’s favorite “Gal” Fighter is? or which you feel is the best and why? My personal vote has to go to Family Soft’s, Asuka 120% Burning Festival series (only released in Japan). It has a long standing history, originating on the FM Towns, and has hit several other home systems including the NEC PC Engine, Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation. Plus the game mechanics are really very good and the characters are all diverse and interesting.

Not sure how many others know about this game, so I’ll just drop a couple links here:

General Info:
Asuka 120% Burning Festival Information

Gameplay Videos:

queen of heart 98 and 99

cause it’s the only ones i know, but from what little I’ve seen of it, it’s actually pretty deep.

Variable Geo!

<3 Tamao <3


EFZ comes a close second, and it’ll easily be the deepest / best done ‘gal fighter’ in this thread.


Gal fighters for Neo geo pocket!


life bars no EFZ own

Chunli in SF3. highier priority than most characters.
Leona. love her becasue I like to use Bison in Street Fighter.

I still have AVG2 for Ps1, Kyoko owned all.
Best chick fighter ever.

Now I regret not buying that AVG2 poster at Anime Expo a couple of days ago:sad:

Best Gal fighter has to go to this girl “Spice”

scrow down to the character bio’s

Wasn’t there some gal fighter for the ps1 called angel eyez?

Wouldn’t Melty Blood qualify? If so, for me that’s definitely the best Gal Fighter. Queen of Heart/EFZ annoyed the shit out of me because of the chibi character style. And well they might be great games but if the packaging doesn’t pull you you never try to find out, so I never did.

The minute Chun Li stepped into the ring, the world was never the same.

Melty Blood is a definitely high tier on the best Gal Fighter, but wins also for the most fully clothed Gal Fighter out there, the rest are mostly for fan service.


I my faves are Chun-Li, Sakura, Storm, King, and Xiangua.

Play EFZ bitches