Favorite BGMs in fighting games

Mainly an attempt to shout out more Tekken 5 :clap: . .regardless of the fact at hand. . what are some of your all time favorite stage music in fighting games?

as for me
Tekken 5

  1. “Red Hot Fist”(burning hon maru) :: The drums are RIDICULOUS!! The hard deep boom of the drums makes fighting on this stage feel like an epic experience. Added to the effect is the simply BEAUTIFUL burning Honmaru temple ruins. Love this stage to pieces. Makes me want to buy the soundtrack.

  2. “Gold Rush”(pirate treasure stage) :: This one is really nice for two reasons. One. . it starts off really mellow and smooth with vocal chanting and two, the stage is nice in itself. Not long after the vocals it starts to kick it up a notch with a nice techno-ish beast while the vocals still echo in the background.

  3. “Ka-En-No-Mai” (gates of hell stage):: I like this one too. Very oriental and upbeat. Goes really well with the stages dark colors. Gets VERY intense near the end and comes to a complete silence. AWESOME! :party:

Tekken 4

1.Rooftop :: The only one I really remember. It was really mellow. It downplayed the mayhem of Tekken 4 matches.

Soul Calibur

  1. City Of Water(Siegfrieds stage) :: Orchestrated. Really full sound, you can hear the cellos and violas and everything, really nice as well. I used to pick that stage in practice mode and just let it run over and over.

  2. Astaroth stage :: I like this one too. Really evil sounding, hard to explain. Think “scary symphony”.

Mortal Kombat 6

1.Beetle Lair :: This one had a nice hard drum beat to keep the pace of the match as well.


  1. Amingo stage? (texas desert thingy)
  2. Ice stage

Third Strike

  1. Japan (akuma stage)
  2. England
  3. Russia
  4. NYC


  1. Wicked Fight? Hong Kong I think …
  2. NYC
  3. England

I’m trying to think of the old school games . .but I cant really remember how they went. I know I liked some old MK and possible some old Alpha// cant remember

MSH: Thanos, Cap america
XvS: Cammy and Ken theme
MSH VS SF: Secret Character Theme
MvC: Ryu and Strider
MVC2: Carnival Nights
SSBM: All =]

Tekken 5 “Unforgiven”, Urban Jungle stage.

tekken 5 “moonlight wilderness” that is easily one of the best stages ever created in a fighting game.

Pretty much all of Super Turbos songs. Killer Instinct had some cool songs like jagos and tusk.

Anything from GGXX. Chun Li, Cammy, and Balrogs (boxer) songs in Super Turbo. Sarah, Pai, Jacky, Kage, and Akiras songs from VF1. Ken/Alex, Chun Li, Yun/Yang, Elena, and Ibukis songs from Third Strike. I’ve heard other good songs, but the above are the best.

Third Strike: Ryu, Chun Li, Dudley, Makoto
SSF2: Ryu, Guile, Ken, Vega, Cammy
Soul Calibur 1: Nightmare
Tekken: Eddy(T3,TTT) King(TTT), Burning honmaru(T5)
Many others, but those are some highlights ;p

I’m just gonna list my top 3 because if I listed more it would go on forever.

Tekken 5-moonlight wilderness. Not only is it the most badass BGM I’ve ever heard, but it goes so well with the tighest level in fighting game history.

Hyper Sf2-Cammy’s stage(london) especially the remade version in aniversery collection.

XvSF-Storm’s BGM. I dont know why, I just like it.

I have hundreds more, but I’m too lazy to type them all up.

i prefer the ambient sounds or overly dramatic paced BGMs of SS series.
Is SSV/0 still coming out for xbox?!

All of 3s
All of Mvc2
T5 has some hot ones
and Cvs2 has some hot ones

Favorite BGMs

Guilty Gear - everything

VF2 - Chicago stage :rock: :nunchuck: , Akira stage

Fighters Megamix - Dural stage

VF4:EVO - intro(not during gameplay but it’s the only good track on there)

SF3 3rd strike - Hugo, bonus stage with car, and Akuma stage

DOA3 - Kasumi-Eternity

T5 - the rooftop


Japan rooftop (when you fight Gouki/Rugal)
Japan Rooftop burning (G. Rugal)

3rd Strike
Russia (Necro/Twelve)
England (Dudley)
China (Yang/Yun)
Gill stage

Final Destination (alt)
Mute City

Midnight Carnival
Briget’s Stage
May’s Stage

Ken’s Stage
Ryu Stage
Guile’s Stage


IIRC Cassandra’s stage w/ LoZ theme! :bgrin:

All of the Streetfighter 2 music. That is a classic soundtrack.
Guilty Gear X2 #reload has an awesome soundtrack aswell, the korean version is even better.

You people suck for not mentioning Melty Blood React music.

King of Fighters 94, OST, Korean stage.

SF II: Ryu stage, for some reason I like the CPS 1 version the best. :karate:


Ryu Stage

SF3 Third Strike

S.Akuma (Not G.Rugal)

Super Puzzle Fighter



Rival School
Most (forget the names)

Note: Freakin Q Inspector Gadget should have his own stage. He’d be much cooler.

Pretty much everything from SSBM and SF2 (and its variants… that includes the remixed versions in Alphas 1 and 2)

I didn’t care for Alpha 3’s BGM that much but it had a few that were okay, such as Karin’s, Ryu’s, and Honda’s stage themes.

“Fetus of God” from Vampire Savior. An awesome piece of music for an awesome stage.

GGXX Meet Again, Writhe in Pain, Still in the Dark, Awe of She

Tekken 5: Streets, Burning Honmaru, Poolside (Why no one said this is beyond me), Streets, Unforgiven

Tekken 4: Building, Beach, Jungle, Parking Lot, Lab

Tekken Tag: Eddy, Hworang, Ogre, Unkown (Song is SICK)

Tekken 3: King, Eddy, Yoshimitsu

Tekken 2: King, Jun, Baek, Michelle

Tekken: King George Island, Fiji, Monument Valley, Venzeula, Acropolis

3S: Elena, Gill, Twelve, Ibuki, Sean, Alex, Dudley, Makoto, Akuma

Tobal #1: Gren, Mary, Fei, Mufu

Virtua Fighter: Wolf, Jeffry

Virtua Fighter 2: Wolf, Pai, Dural (Song is SICK)

Virtua Fighter 3: Wolf, LAu, Dural, Jeffry, Pai

X-MEn: CotA: Mageneto

Soul Calibur: Taki