Favorite Character in Vampire Savior

I like mostly the scrub characters instead of the top tiers n shit like Demitri & Jedah

I use bishamon and jedah but mainly bishmon because he’s an animal
I think it’s important to use characters you actually LIKE rather than using a character just because they are supposedley TOP TIER


this thread is ghetto… theres no lei lei.

she’s the midget representative of all things VS

and I use characters I like[and some just happen to be high/top tier ]

Morrigan is my favorite…both look and play-wise!

I am partial to Bulleta. SAKO’s playstyle of her, including her infinite, only motivates me more :smiley:

I have a tie between Morrigan and Lilith. My vote went to Morrigan just because I love her personality.

Felicia is also a notable one.


WTF IS THIS!! One bishamon (which was me)
You people fkn SUX:p


Zabel, with Lilith in 2nd.

Just picked up Bishamon a while ago, definitely my favourite.

bishamon’s got too many links…
and his groping super is bleh
I dont like him

I do think Bishamon is a powerhouse but I cant get into him for some strange reason

I just like samurai :smiley:

Morrigan followed closely by Jedah. What can I say, I like air dashes.

Jedah top tier? That’s news to me.

Lei-Lei is hella fun too. nothing like tossing some random projectile off screen in the air, getting hit, then realizing that my projectile just dizzied my opponent because he forgot about it.

Jon Talbain…a combo monster.

Sasquatch is cool as hell.

He’s got little penguins and snowmen that follow him around. How is that not cool?

Plus, he’s top tier!

I never really played this game, but I’ve always been a big fan of Sasquatch. Now that I know he is top-tier though I’m not so sure. Not that it matters though. Nobody play this fuckin game unfortunately.

I was wondering, are there any major differences between the Japanes/USA/European versions of the VS arcade? I bought VC but I hear it’s a lot less than arcade perfect. So I nabbed VS for the PC but it’s the european version. I think if anyone actually plays this it would be the japanese arcade version. So I needed to know if there are differences. Please inform me.

i don’t think there’s anything about the differences in region to region. i play the euro version myself.

i have vampire chronicles. it’s good for casual play, but nothing more. thing is, it’s too uberized and not authentic enough. like you can’t have a vampire savior version of phoboes, donovan, and pyron. aside from that, there are slight engine tweaks. i don’t know all of them, but i can tell you that some of the basic morrigan combos dont’ work. dash jab, jab, land, clk, darkness illusion doesn’t work on DC for me, but i can easily get it on the Mame version.

and sas is fun to play, but idk… i play everybody. i’m getting bored with felica. so i find myself using silhouette alot more now…

go on random, hit start 5 times, hold on the fifth, and hit any buton

you get a random character and then you play every round as the character you last defeated

you can know what character you get first by going on a character and hitting start 3 times before the code…
example: you want to start with zabel (l.rapter)

go on rapter, hit start 3 times, move to the random, hit start 5 times and then hit a button, and you get zabel witha silhouette behind him


thas my winstreak with silhouette in vampire savior

anyways… my own personal tiers in this game… no specific orders

zabel (l.rapter)
queen bee

gallon (j.talbain)
lei lei

aulbath (rikuo)

excuse me if i missed any1. it’s 3:08 am


bitch… get a faster connection so i can show you why the japs make aubath top tier.

over the semester, I used the US, euro, jap, and hispanic versions to try shit out(each rom has only 8 or so save states to itself)… there were no visible differences aside from names