Favorite character vs Gouken



I play Gouken, but I also play a bunch of other character ( T. Hawk, Sakura, Dictator, Ryu, and recently Chun ) regularly and found that I really like some of the match up, they are just*** -fun-*** to play.

Being Gouken:

Dhalsim: I have to say I like playing against Dhalsim, first, they almost always know what they are doing. Rarely do you run into Dhalsim that are just bad! Secondly, the match up is rather Dynamic. Dhalsim have the ability to zone you out completely, Gouken can knock him down and make pretty much every one of his wake up a living hell. Also, it is even. Both have tools to fight each other. Better player, more patient player, good read and creative plays usually wins.

Viper: Not easy for Gouken, but Gouken’s unique ability force Viper out of her usual cross up comfort zone a lot. After you parry a few of her cross up she is going to start playing off. It is usually those moment that tells you whether they are scrap that just know the combo, or intelligent players who can adapt in mid game. Again, you rarely see crappy viper cause Viper just can’t afford to be played sloppily.

Honda: Gouken probably have a slight advantage, but it is still fun. It is cool to see how they get around fireball game with so few tool to get through them. Honda probably have problem with Gouken’s fireball game more then anyone… No special move to go through fireball without charge, huge hit box in the air. Still, once get in they can make Gouken’s life a living hell. It is very much a life lead game but Honda is used to it, while Gouken isn’t very much used to that dynamic. Making it rather fun to play

What is yours?


Zangief. I feel like I have a shoryuken in that match lol.

Also with DF throw beating lariat clean on wake up and the followup vertical j.hp being so good against it, usual zangiefs get really annoyed fast.

Also, st.mk in this match up beats 90% of his pokes, including the crouching ones. It’s much like sagat’s st. HK with less damage only faster.

It’s me doing what I like the most: Zoning