Favorite Character


Who is your favorite Street Fighter character?

Im goin with Blanca




Vega. Hands down.
Second is Bison and it’s a VERY close second.

P.S. It’s Blanka. Not Blanca :stuck_out_tongue:




Bianca is pretty high-tier, teams up with that other mouse and that seagull.


I’m gonna have to go with Gen. Viper a really close second.




I main akuma however viper is still my number 1 bitch.


M.Bison > All


:l: The Beautiful one… Vega


I think that I don’t have any concrete favorite character because I like many but I’m going to say Rufus.

  1. Urien.
  2. Dudley
  3. Blanca :slight_smile:
  4. Birdie
  5. Hugo


Balrog (boxer)! I’ve always liked him even when I was a kid on my SNES version of WW and couldn’t even be him.


Definitely Viper. Second is Yang 'cause he looks like Trowa.


Dan. /thread.


Three-way tie:

Elena. Cammy. Makoto.


If you say Urien is your number one pick, I think a “no homo” should be included.

For SFIV? I would say Gen. For other SF games I’m a fan of Dudley and Makoto.


I like characters that are mobile, with good pokes and that are designed to punish mistakes. I shy away from projectile characters unless those projectiles work as an active defensive shield (Chun-Li and Deejay/Guile).

M.Bison for this purpose, though in SF4 his insane mobility has been decreased and can no longer mixup like it used to, he still maintains a lot of the qualities that I enjoyed about him, and his pokes are even better. He is a living projectile, and as such throws himself into harms way to deal with punishment. With Psycho Punisher, it seems Capcom has finally given Bison exactly what he needs. Limit your opponent by tying his options up in fear. Dare you make a mistake with Psycho Abortion ready to launch?

Vega is my second favorite in design. It took me years to realize this of course, but high flying specials. Insane speed, long reach and powerful blows. Difficulty to read and adjust to, he as well suffers in SF4 for similar reasons as Bison. Still, above all he maintains an air of wiley insanity in playstyle that I’ve always loved. I wish he was better in SF4 and in Super it seems he might be given the chance.

I blame Samurai Shodown for this, since it was one of my first fighting games when I was young. Galford and Basara were my favorites. Basara above all though, long distance mindgames and reach. Putting himself in harmful situations. Insanity and dark design.

I play V-13 in Blazblue as well.

I think I’ve exposed my particular playstyle naming those off. :slight_smile:


I loved Sakura ever since I started maining her in Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2. I loved her design and play-style back then. The imitation-style that she had of Ryu was familiar, yet so new. Also, reading up on her background stories through manga and other outside resources, I started to grow a big infatuation with Sakura. I was very happy that she was included in other games, especially Vanilla SFIV.

<If you like to read more about how I grew fond of Sakura, please read my blog! Here : http://www.shoryuken.com/blog.php?u=99886>

Second favorite would have to be Karin from SFA/Z3 because of her design and personality. “In all things, be victorious” is the style of the Kanzuki blood-line.