Favorite Commentators for tournaments?

I personally really like Ultradavid. He comes off very knowledgeable, he manages to remain charismatic without veering too far off of what is happening in game. He has very clear enunciation. He is good at presenting what is occurring in-game and what he believes is the unseen action (mental games, planning in advance, baiting, spacing) and manages to keep the information fairly “jargon” free for the laymen, but technical enough for more advanced viewers.

Obviously there is no “best” commentator. It is a matter of opinion. So who are some of your favorites?

James Chen and Seth, thats all.

Chris Hu, simply for entertainment value. And anyone who can bring out the best in Chris Hu. Min’s pretty good at this.

I don’t like Seth that much actually, he overhypes every little thing about their games, which I don’t like that much.
I enjoy James Chen and Ultradavid the most.

Ken Bogard!

Kokujin. Son is like 480% hype.
Seth Killian. He’s kinda funny and very knowledgeable.
Ultradavid. He’s funny, knowledgeable, and well-spoken.
Chris Hu. Just for fun.
Skisonic. Just for fun.

AquaSilk is also good at that… can’t go wrong with UltraDavid though, he lets the hype happen without forcing it.

AquaSilk/Chris Hu Rush Hour commentary.

Nuki is the best.

North America needs to step their game up.

Ultra david
James Chen

Oh yeah, I forgot about AquaSilk. He is definitely a good match-up with Hu.

I have a hard time choosing. Let’s just go with a few. Chris Hu, Mike Ross, Gootecks, UltraDavid, Seth, and James Chen in no particular order.