Favorite Dog Breed?

I’ve never had a pet, but I always liked the look of the German Shepherd dogs with the big ears and brown/black pattern.

What are you guys’ favorite dogs?

Doberman yo. Sleek and Powerful, makes burglars run in fear, can fetch me beer and watch small children in my absence.

Chicago style…

but srs I have a german mixed with a chow

ones that don’t effing bark!

Great Danes. I love big dogs. I also really like German Shepherds (Had one a few years ago that passed of Cancer) and I love Beagles and Corgi’s.


West Highland Terrier (Cesar dog.) My in-laws have one and she’s the best dog of all times.

Huskies are just beautiful

My favourite dogs are cool dogs.

Doberman pinschers and pitbull lab mix. Once I get my shit together I’m getting a doberman or 2.

I have a pug, and I love their personalities, but they have so many health problems. Same with English Bulldogs.

I don’t really have a favorite breed, but I love flat-faced dogs. I’m seriously considering getting a Boston Terrier atm.

Yeah, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are awesome. Very smart, stupidly cute.

Beagle ftw

shibe pls

huskie all the way. my fallback plan if i ever wash out in all my life dreams is to move to alaska, raise huskies, and make moonshine like a mountain man. probably playing too much MGS

Corgi or Doberman.

Weenie dog!

Irish Wolfhounds.

Shame about the life span.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a close second - Ein is the truth, fictional or no.

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