Favorite elements of match play?

With all the depth that fighting games have, there are plenty of elements and techniques that get used numerous times. This includes stuff like the wake-up game, rushing down, zoning, etc. What would you say your favorite aspect of match play is?

For me, I’d have to say walk-up throws and pressuring the opponent on wake-up. I like walk-up throws because knowing you trained your opponent to block your mixup and taking advantage of it is a nice feeling. Pressuring on wake-up has the element of guesswork that I like; sometimes you try to cross up, sometimes you go for a throw, and sometimes you block and watch that DP whiff.

Footsies and zoning. It always rewards the better-skilled opponent, as opposed to one who makes better guesses.


Sums up everything I love about great FG’s. The chess like strategy and the psychology of high level play.