Favorite fighting game announcer?

3rd strike and cvs2. 3rd strike because you can tell the guy only cares about seeing fools get punched in the face. ohohohoh and jojo’s. I never really knew what he was saying, but he sounds like a real creep

Street Fighter Alpha 2, no contest.

That guy was high and shouting through a metal tunnel, I swear.

I like it when my game Lets the Battle for Survival begin

Vanilla SFIV

I thought ppl were overreacting with super’s announcer but the vanilla guy is just straight up much better. i miss his sultry voice

CVS 2 and its EXTREMELY white announcer. I love it. Keepin rockin baby.

Guilty Gear X.

While where at it, if there is best fighting game anything CvS2 pretty much wins in every category.

No one makes me laugh like Battle Fantasia’s announcer. ASHEREY! . . . versus. . . . ASHEREY!

CVS2 and GGX2

The funniest one is DBZ Budikai 1 tournament mode. HERCULE! VERUS… sigh goku.

War Gods! I want to buy books on tape with this guy.



Skullgirls! “SHUT UP AND FIGHT!”

Though I rate the GG announcers, y’all be failing as no one has mentioned the ACTUAL best announcer, and that is of course the MSHvSF announcer.



CvS2 and Alpha 3. This is not a matter of opinion, though MHS is a very close third.

“The wheel of fate is turning…Rebel 1…fight!”

Anything beyond

is annoying as hell. And screw creating different names instead of “rounds”, that’s just retarded.

SFA3 announcer most def. Hell they even faked that voice in the Scott Pilgrim movie and the video game so pop culture agrees lol!

“THAT WAS THE BEST FIGHT I EVER SAW!” Dude get out more. :rofl:

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You sure they didn’t just copy the sound from the game itself? Sure sounded like him to me, lol.

For me it’d be KoF 97’s announcer as #1, really liked his voice and how he pronounced some of the names (WINNAH IS LOWBER/YAHMAHZAHKI)
After that I’d say BB: CT, IIRC, the announcer is African?
SF Zero 3 announcer deserves some mention I feel, he’s good too.

WWF Wrestlemania Arcade

you are retarded :looney: