Favorite fighting game announcer?

"Prepare for battle go for it!"
3rd Strike baby

Some good ones mentioned in this thread…

But how many of you peoples have played Arika’s Fighting Layer?
Please tell me SOMEONE in this thread has played Fighting Layer…and that epic announcer it has.
“Are you right?! Are you ready?! GO!”

That’s a pretty good one. I like Power Instinct 1’s announcer.

You gotta admit, some doujin games take that crap to far. “Stitch 1… NIT”

what game is that?

Mortal Kombat II is top tier for me always.

Still, in Ougon Musou Kyouku you can select the voice of every char in the game as an announcer. It’s pretty cool even if you don’t like that DA FAASTO MOVEMENTOOO, BURITZU!! stuff

Nah the director confirmed he copied “K.O. K.O. k. o. k. o…” on one of the commentaries of the DVD. Capcom isn’t credited anywhere in the Scott Pilgrim video game or movie, unlike Nintendo (for the Zelda music in the movie) and Sega for random stuff. Capcom doesn’t mind really, they bragged about the last Scott Pilgrim book using a fake version of PSP Monster Hunter on their blog lol!

As long as the announcer doesn’t speak during the round, I’m okay with whatever. If they do speak during the round, alla SFIV and MvC3 recently, I hate them by default regardless of how they actually sound. Fighting games are noisy enough without an extra voice booming over the action saying things that don’t matter and are often wildly inaccurate.

This thread again?

I still don’t get why people like the CVS2 announcer but hate on the SFA3 one. “Go for Broke” was one of his lines. Now you hear it all the time in Capcom games.

Real Bout Special was the best though.

I really liked the Melty Blood ReAct announcer.
The AA one, even though it has actual story relevance, i find to be quite horrible.

I’m partial to the diabolical sounding mortal kombat announcer and Tekken 3-Tag. 3/tag mainly because he makes the characters sound pretty badass when he says their name… Yoshimitsu>:( Heihachi Mishima8-)

Street Fighter II World Warrior - Hyper Fighting
Samurai Shodown 1-2
Mortal Kombat 1-2

I like it nice and simple. Hate the ones that sound like they’re trying too hard.

Triumph or DIE!.. Go for Broke!..

“Heaven or Hell: Duel 1. Let’s Rock!”
“Leddy… Fight!”
“Face it straight! Go for it, man! Beat em up, gais. Trial, or die!”


Not to mention SNK announcers. Like the Capcom vs. SNK Chaos guy. “KAY AOH!” “No eskay. Figh!”


Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter announcer… which I guess is the same announcer for SSF4 if I’m not mistaken? After that, I’d say I liked the Alpha 3 announcer, but I’m not sure if it’s how he said what he said or was it what he said in general or both…?

3S’s announcer is growing on me.

The guy who announced Marvel vs. Street Fighter was like 100x more hype than the players were, lol.

I think there’s also something to be said for background music and announcer synergy. It feels like something violent is about to go down when you hear “Enter the heat of battle” and Hugo yelling gibberish in his playhouse before the match begins.

Infinite from 3rd Strike.

SF3:3S - "Enter the heat of battle… NOW!"
SvCC - "Battle 'til you drop!"
SFA3 - "Leeeeet’s PARTY!"
MvC1 - "Let’s Go Crazy!"
Garou - “Get Ready… Survive!”

And my all time favorite… HNK
"The Time of Retribution… Battle One! DECIDE THE DESTINY!"

Seriously, “The Time of Retribution” accounts for about half the reason I played that game.