Favorite fighting game music

Don’t know if this thread has been done before (search isn’t working) but name your favorite music from fighting games.

Ryu - Sf2 CPS1.
Cammy - ST
Sakura - SFA2
Ken - ST
Ryu - SFA3
Makoto - 3s
Ken - 3s
Akuma - 3s
True love we makin’ - CvS2
Various Kof 2k2 tracks.
ST - Intro
Ryu’s ending in Sf2

Yup, it’s one around here somewhere but…

All A3 songs
Some songs from cvs2
Some songs from XvSF

3rd Shizzle in my car FTW.

Guile, Ken, Ryu, Geif, Sagat CPS1

GG almost every track

Most of the 3rd Strike stuff

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Rock in Garou:MOTW (Sounds like that other song.)

and ALL of MVC2!

just kidding. MvC2 music is garbage.

Street Fighter EX. Easily.

A2. Was pretty disappointed when they threw all the old music out the window for A3.

And CPS1 of course.

Street Fighter Ex plus Alpha excpet Sewer Stage
Super Smash Bros. Melee-All Star Mode
Street Fighter 2-Ryu
Street Fighter 2-Guile

3s - Q’s theme, Akuma’s theme (round 2) Ibuki’s theme…

Dang, good question:

KOF 96:
GeeseHoward Stage (Naturally)
Esaka - Kyo’s Stage
Iori’s Stage (Great sax)
Kim Kapwhan Stage
Krauser’s Stage (Its a beethoven song, but dont know the name)
Art of Fighting Stage

Adon’s Stage
Rolento’s Stage

KOF 95
Terry’s Team Stage
Billy’s Team Stage
Art of Fighting Team Stage

KOF 94
Rugal’s Last Stage
Art of Fighting Stage

KOF 98
Heidern’s, Takuma and Saishu stage

Killer Instinct
Glacius Stage

Damn, for me, KOF is where its at for music. I like capcom, but only when it sounds like it came from Mega Man X, hehe…

i like minimal music in fighting games

like some stages of SS and last blade

ambient sounds and shit

fuck that other noise

Ken, Guile, Ryu SFII CPS1, as well as their remixed themes that first appeared in the 3DO version of SSFIIT
then later appeared in Capcom Generation 5 / Street Fighter Collection 2.

All of the SFII music was excellent. SF3: NG actually has a lot of good tunes as well.

Also, Soul Edge had a score that the Soul Calibur series has never topped.

Dude, the arranged soundtrack for Saturn was too damn good. “Big Shot!” and remixed “Psycho Soldier” fuckin’ owned. Lemme know if you need the mp3s.

The Roll song from the first Marvel is orgasmic.

jae hoons theme from motw is too good

The 3rd Strizzle soundtrack.

“Stalking Wolves” from Tekken DR is the best I can remember.


Are the remixed tracks from Capcom Classic Collection’s Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting (which happen to be taken from the 3DO version of SSF2T) the same as the arranged tracks in Street Fighter Anniversary Collection’s Hyper Street Fighter 2?

Opps, forgot some more…

VF5 (all)
VF2 (all)
VF3 (some)
Tekken 5 (Moonlight Stage)

Most Smash Bros music is pretty nice

Q’s Theme from 3s

A good amount of the music from MvC2

edit- A good portion of GG music as well, the only thing I like about the games. Sadly my friends replaced the music with random rap/techno songs, I dislike the change.